Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rest Up, Legs

Given my cheery mood and attitude, I bet you’d never believe I’m on a rest week right now.  I guess I can enjoy rest week a bit more when I’m in our “happy place” than back home, maybe because I’m already so much more relaxed down here that I don’t need exercise endorphins as my own personal anti-depressants.

My workouts this week have been fairly light and for once I’m not complaining.  I have another bike test this weekend – always a frightening prospect – and I want all the rest I can get in my legs before tackling it!  So far I’m feeling better in training here than I usually do upon arriving in Arizona – between copious amounts of water and frequent doses of Recovery e21, I think the desert has been less successful at dehydrating/depleting my body than in the past.

Today I got my first view of the entire next training block, my last block of base training, and I have some SUPER MEGA HUGE work ahead of me again!!!  I love it!!!!

Speaking of e21, they’ve got a deal going on the website right now where you buy 1 packet and get 2 additional packets for free ($40 savings)!  It only runs till the end of the month so check it out!

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