Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catching Up

2 hours, 15 minutes of riding got done in the hotel room on Sunday morning


The dogs were clearly quite bothered by the whole thing.

IMG_0817 IMG_0823

And then we went back to the agility trial for another day.  We had quite a successful weekend – Max double-Qed in Sunday and picked up some points, and Stanley showed HUGE improvements over his last trial, running smooth and focused – he even went 1st place in Excellent A JWW Saturday! 

Then it was time to drive some more!  My GPS definitely wins an award for most obscure, beautiful, isolated and maddening route for the way it led me from the north San Diego area to the Palm Springs area – more or less straight up and over the mountains in between!  Technically shorter but harrowing.

It started out simply enough…(yes, we went OVER those mountains)


It’s hard to tell here, but I’m driving along the edge of a cliff that drops right off into that valley waaaaay down below.


Halfway down the mountain, with the Palm Desert/Indio area below.  This road basically dropped thousands of feet in very few miles via many tight switchbacks.  Eeek!


Thankfully once I reached Indio, I knew the way – straight on I-10 all the way to my happy place!  The dogs and I rolled into Scottsdale, Arizona around 8:15 pm, unloaded the car, hoovered any available food and crashed.

I would like to say I spent the next day enjoying visiting with the husband I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 weeks but instead I was at the airport before 7am!  I had to fly back to San Jose for a work meeting, and returned to Phoenix after dark Monday night.

So finally I am here enjoying sunshine and warmth (all while still working of course) and I haven’t taken a single darn picture.  Blame my total exhaustion from my own version of Planes Trains (Bicycles) and Automobiles this weekend.  I will try to correct that tomorrow – it’s supposed to be 90 degrees!


Anonymous said...

90 degrees?? I'm so jealous. Well, that might be a little hot, but it's better than this cold pouring rain we're getting here. You're not missing anything, have fun!

Wes said...

congrats to the puppies! You spent 2:15 on the trainer? That makes me want to put my pedals back up in the closet :-)