Saturday, March 19, 2011

Excitement Abounds

After 5 months and a day of sitting around doing nothing, my wetsuit made a break for it yesterday and hit the clean cool waters of Bartlett Lake.


Special thanks go out to e21 teammate and dog mom extraordinaire Krista for organizing a fun group swim!


The water felt cool after standing around in the sun but then was quite comfy – probably mid-60s!  Nigel is visiting us for the weekend and was drafted into swim service as well!


And when we finally got home from the swim, there was a whole box of awesome on my porch!  I’m all set now to swim, bike, run and race, e21-style!  Sooooooo exciting!!!!


Today has been a little less awesome but I’m coping as best I can…one of my dogs had a Level 2 case of the dire rears on our morning walk, necessitating a dash home to the hose.  My other dog walked headfirst into my bike trainer last night as Jeff was carrying it into the house and has a very sore stiff neck now.  And then my Powertap hub battery died 23 minutes into my bike ride this morning, 2 minutes before my bike test was to begin, and I had to wait 6 hours to get it fixed before I could do my test.  Speaking of bike tests, so great is my fear of them that I treat them like a race – no alcohol for days beforehand, compression tights, lots of sleep, and a good “pre-race” dinner the night before.  On the upside, the test is now done and the best bike test is always one that is no longer lurking in the schedule waiting to be done.

In other words, someone find me a lemon drop.  I’ve got one more day to go in rest week and I don’t want to waste it.


GoBigGreen said...

Congrats Molly! And love the E 21 stuff, soo soo cute:)
And hopefully Coach didnt sneak a T run in after the test, that was mean of my coach:) haha

Sarah K said...

Cute gear from e21! I'm new to using electrolyte replacement - do you use their product during training to, or just as recovery?

I'm also new to doing the tests. Funny because I treated them the same way you do! No beer that week, wore my compression socks each day, and tried to go to bed super early.

P.S. You're looking super fit!