Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I have a bad habit of blogging after the weekend and then getting sucked into training and work and falling off the map.  But I'm still here and going at it strong!  So far, I am winning when it comes to my biggest week of the year - of course I haven't even trained half of this week's assigned hours yet - BIG weekend ahead.

So what HAVE I been doing?

5:30am masters twice this week already.  (And a big long solo swim tomorrow)

Trying to give my dogs enough exercise without going out in the 90+ degree afternoon heat

Having a BIG reward after a brutal ART session on Monday to loosen up Sunday's painful hip flexors.  Tears could have been shed.  Thankfully by the time I had to ride hard on Wednesday morning it was much much better and after another round of ART Wednesday afternoon is feeling fantastic.

Rejoicing at the return of hockey!

Making some changes to my bike fit with the ever-patient Bruce over at Concept Cyclery.  I've been on this bike now for almost 5 months so it was time to re-assess and see if we could put me in a more aggressive position.  Thanks to all my lovely ART work, Bruce said my pedal stroke and form have improved dramatically, which helped support the changes we made.

Tripping over a crack in the sidewalk while running after masters today.  I carried on with the workout and might have started scaring people heading out on their morning commute.

Bathing my boys so they'd be clean for an overnight stay at my mom's house

Visiting with a possible future addition to our house :-)  More on that in a couple weeks...


GoBigGreen said...

Oh the 90deg heat is making me start to hate you people that dont have feet of snow in your future. and you know i am kidding. At least we have a Fro Yo place that opened up andyes I will go in the winter:)
KEep at it molly, that IM training rewards those on race day!

Kim said...

i LOVE me some fro yo! and ouchie on your knee! the new future addition to your home is precious. IM is almost here!

Aimee said...

Nice job with the swimming!

Ouch...those scrapes on your knees look painful!

Yum...fro yo! :)

Larissa said...

awww look at that little puff ball!!! So cute!

Athena hasnt been liking this weather. When i get home from work she goes and lays in her pool. I guess my next home should have ac LOL.

Maggs said...

ouch on the knee. My bra chaffed once and I had blood running down my stomach most of my run. Got some really strange looks!

The Original MAJ said...

Love the pictures! Poor knees! Hope they're feeling better!

Meera said...

I'm so excited that Max and Stanley are getting their own puppy :)

Diamond Girl said...