Thursday, September 1, 2011

And in other news…

I’m enjoying a lighter volume week of training, though still some tough stuff to keep me focused while I taper for Big Kahuna.

I found time to get my car washed.  For the first time since I bought it March 30th. (photo taken at carwash)


I saw Dr Brink for some ART on my calves and hips.  A VERY welcome intervention after Sunday’s 100-miler, and something I will be doing consistently until Ironman.  As a reward for surviving the pain, I went to Yogurtland, which is right across the street.


Despite still having 11+ weeks to go before my last race of the  year, I started putting together my 2012 season…I decided I want to challenge myself with more hilly courses next year.  On coach’s suggestion, I threw my name into the lottery for Escape from Alcatraz this morning. *fingers crossed*

Oh and – along with my training partner Nigel, my brother, his girlfriend, BSC and some other friends who haven’t come out of the closet yet – I got online at noon on Monday and put this little event on my calendar. :-)


Fun times ahead!


Michelle Simmons said...

Yay for Canada! Bug Krista- I am this.close to talking her into it (with her husband too!)

Elayne said...

Well, that's one way to add a hilly race into your schedule.

Unknown said...

oh yay!! i really want james to do that race too. Happy training!

mtanner said...

do tell!! what else is on there????

Christi said...

Great races to come! Very cool!

Wes said...

we're going to start calling you "Ironmonster" :-)

Jennifer said...

Yogurt land? Are you kidding! I would be there every day!

Oh yea, yay for big races in Canada.