Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've been working hard at recovering from Big Kahuna this week...lots of sleep, lighter workouts during the week and generally just taking it easy.  This weekend I'm back at it pretty strong as I've got a long ride on tap for Sunday.  Today (Saturday) was spent executing a different kind of plan, putting on a charity ride that I started last year in honor of a family friend!  Everything went smooth this year as the riders were happy with the route, the food and their prizes!  The only casualty of the day was Jeff's bike, as his derailleur snapped on the first climb and he had to be picked up from there!  Hopefully it will be fixed in time for him to pull me around the valley tomorrow; otherwise I'm in for another solo ride.  I brought the dogs along and they managed to schmooze with the crowd and wear themselves out - bonus!

While I was off doing the race thing last weekend, Stan was again tearing it up at a local dog show, going Best Opposite one day and Best of Breed the other.  Last week we started him in a whole 'nother performance sport as well - Nosework!  So far, he LOVES it as the main idea is to find the food in the box (party time in Stan's world).  Eventually he'll learn to scent out and find certain odors.  Right now he is still learning the game of trusting his nose to find the hide.

Here is some video from our 2nd nose work class and some new challenges thrown at him.  The airflow in this room is very difficult for the dogs as it swirls AND it's a petstore so there are already lots of good food smells around.   Once he remembered why he was there, he did great!  And he was EXHAUSTED after class from all that brainwork.  I love tired dogs.

And with that, I'm back to putting my feet up and resting for tomorrow!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


beardies3 said...

Well done to Stan on the nose work. Look fun for both of you.
Congrats on Jans Ride today! He would be pleased.

Jennifer said...

Oh No I totally missed the last race! I have been out of it. Glad you are resting up. Love the video, such a really talented dog! I chuckle every time he sticks his giant head into a tiny box. Ha!

Bob Mitera said...

Great video! Made me laugh - good boy.