Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in Business

We're home and life is slowly returning to normal. Cujo wasn't so excited about our arrival yesterday, but Jeff more than made up for it with enthusiasm :) Stanley is back to sleeping in his bathtub, Max is at my feet as always, and I'm just about caught up on mail and emails.

After Jeff left for the office today, I went to the pool for a short swim - I think following the 100 pushup training plan is actually helping increase my swim power (it's got nowhere to go but up!). And then I went to the gym to run (treadmill) hills and lift weights. I think tomorrow I will get my legs revved up a bit by going to spin class!

Now if only my pro photos from Vineman would arrive in the mail already...I want to share them!

1 comment:

SWTrigal said...

100 pushup?? In the same day? Can you do the girl kind with your knees down?