Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Night Ramblings

I keep thinking I should post but I don't have much to report, so this entry will just feature a smattering of updates.

* Jeff took me out for a nice hilly 36-mile ride on Saturday. He had not pre-ridden all of the course so it was to discover a few steep uphills that had me standing up in the saddle in my lowest gears and still worrying I would run out of leg and fall over.

* Stanley and I went to the Mensona KC show in Santa Rosa on Sunday. We muddled our way through the rally ring again and came out with a qualifying leg and a 4th place! Then we watched Stan's sister Bea go Winners Bitch and Best Opposite for another point. She's got major coat, even next to Stan, and is looking lovely!

* I ran 8 miles this morning. On the way home, with 1 mile to go, I stopped at the gym and lifted weights for 20 minutes.

* I'm still swimming, biking and running, though I don't have anything but sprint tris left for the year. I do have a half-marathon and a 21K trail race hence the focus on quality long runs for the next few months.

* This weekend Stanley and I are doing an obedience/rally fun match on Saturday where we'll have plenty of opportunities to fine-tune our ring performance. And then on Sunday...

* I have convinced Jeff and Nigel to help me with my training. They will join me on the same hilly 36-mile ride I did last weekend. And then they'll ditch me at Nigel's house and go to lunch. I will have to run the 9 miles to meet up with them so that I can get a ride home. Thanks, guys! I know it's hell for you two to go drinking at Hooters together!

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Tea said...

omg....that last paragraph is hilarious! Yea, just leave me in the middle of a field somewhere, and I'll find my way home.

Well, the lunch will be delicious after that!