Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

Just a quick mobile message from the road (literally I am sitting here in the ferry line waiting to board).

Stanley is a Canadian champion! He finished today and went Best of Winners as well. He leaves with 2 BOBs, 2 BOS and and 4 majors.

Now that Yvonne and I have cried our eyes out saying goodbye, we have to turn our attention to getting home. 1000 miles to go!


Anonymous said...

Huge big congratulations to you and your new CanKC CHAMPION Stanley!!!

What a successful and fun trip for you!

Anonymous said...

YEAAAAAAA Stan and Molly!!!!!!!

Safe travels home with the Boyz.

Beth & proud Momma Maude & Sissy Bea

Anonymous said...

WAHOO!!! :) CONGRATS!!! surely you must be running out of letters to put around stan's name by now?! so exciting!! i am thinking a reward is in order for the double champion...maybe his very own bathtub?? :)