Friday, August 22, 2008

VP Mania

I can't help myself. The media frenzy has sucked me in. I signed up for the text message announcement of Barack's VP candidate. SO LET'S HAVE IT ALREADY!!!!

Jeff and I met at lunch to shop at REI. We bought a new tent (technically two new tents - one for both of us backpacking together and one for Jeff when he goes with the guys). Doesn't that mean we HAVE to give it a test run and sleep in the yard tonight? I also got some running shorts on sale and trail running shoes. I guess this means I need to get some trail runs in before the 21K next month. I also bought a ton of Stinger honey gels - I used these for the first time at Vineman and LOVED them. Perfect natural energy boost!

Stanley and I are doing an obedience fun match tomorrow and then Sunday is my long bike/run brick. I hope Jeff and Nigel save some beer for me and don't drink Hooters out of all the Fat Tire before I get there.

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