Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Left Feet

Lest anyone out there in bloggerland think I am all graceful and smooth, here's a post to counter that notion!

I have a confession to make: I am a klutz. My body is a constant patchwork of bruises and scrapes. I can't even remember how I got half of them - Jeff is constantly making fun of me for asking, "What did I DO to get THAT?"

Just a quick summary of the current injuries I actually remember getting:
*I jammed my pinky finger getting something out of the car in Anacortes - TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AGO - and the joint is still swollen and sore.
*I've got bruise stripes up both legs from the beardie girls greeting me in the mornings and scratching when they jumped.
*I have a healing knee scrape from when I fell off my bike in Canada. Oh? I forgot to tell that story? That's because not that exciting. While trying not to slip in wet gravel on the roadside while turning into Yvonne's subdivision, I failed to gear down for the BIG HILL that leads to her house. I simply stopped moving and tipped over. At which point I couldn't get my foot unclipped so I just sat there with my bike on top of me trying to figure out what to do. In the middle of the road.
*I scraped/cut my arm on Jeff's workbench while trying to load laundry right after I got home from the roadtrip. It's bruising nicely as well.
*I stubbed my toe the following morning. And it still hurts.
*I hit my head on a cabinet in our garage yesterday morning.
*And then I closed a door on my finger last night.

Despite all evidence to the contrary (i.e. my race times), I might actually be at my most graceful while swimming, biking and running!

In other news, I am signing up for another Intro to Masters swim session in the hopes of getting on track to start masters swims this fall. And I signed up for an introductory yoga series because my flexibility is pretty weak.

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Tea said...

twins separated at birth! I'm the same way! I have so many bruises...I have no idea where I get them!