Saturday, August 2, 2008

Working out the kinks

Day 1 of the shows is over. Stan showed beautifully (and took Reserve) and I couldn't be more proud. His sister Nan took Best of Breed!

Not many pictures right now...yesterday the adult dogs enjoyed a day of peace and quiet while the youngsters were at the groomer. Harmony was quite pleased with this.

The rain has stopped and we saw a flash of sunlight yesterday in Campbell River. This morning turned out to be a beautiful day at the show (and if I hadn't spent the afternoon napping I'd say the same thing about the rest of the day). If we can just get Stan to sleep through the night here without any middle-of-the-night potty or water breaks, I might feel human again! Was supposed to do a 30 minute fartlek run today but we had an very early start to the show and I was too tired afterwards. I am hoping to wake up early tomorrow and squeeze in a 6-miler before we have to leave.

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