Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures in Boise

On our last day of exploring town before heading home, we checked out downtown Boise a little more.  I’ve been sleeping poorly since the race, so my overall mood and health has felt down in the dumps.  Today’s activities served well to cheer me up.

Remember all that pouring rain, cold, hail, thunder, lightning, wind, hellfire and brimstone we’ve had essentially since I arrived?


Sunshine and 80 degrees.

FUCK YOU, Mother Nature.

First up we walked the dogs in Julia Davis Park, which houses the Boise Zoo, the Boise Art Museum, Idaho State Historical Museum, the Idaho Black History Museum, as well as the Boise Rose Garden and a portion of the Greenbelt that I raced on the other day.

2009_June16 001

From there, we walked into downtown until we reached the state Capitol.

2009_June16 004

Then it was time for lunch.  Stanley and Max both expressed how smart and benevolent their master is and how brilliant she would be if she just shared a slice of turkey from the sandwich.  (If you are a dog person and you haven’t seen “Up,” get off your butt and go NOW!)

2009_June16 006

In the Grove (where the finish line party was on Saturday)

2009_June16 007

Had to take a picture of this store name for Jen Harrison

2009_June16 008

Jeff and I spent the afternoon working and relaxing.  You get 3 guesses as to which goober is the most relaxed of all around here.  I keep finding him on the bed upstairs sprawled out on his back fast asleep.

2009_June16 009

Like a good athlete, I checked my training schedule for the day to see what I was supposed to do.

2009_June16 010

If the ELF issues orders, far be it from me to question them.


Tonight I am testing out a relationship with a new friend.  I hope that my new friend helps my back pain AND helps me sleep like a baby for the first time in days.

In the morning, we will be on the road, working our way home.  Have a good Wednesday!


Rainmaker said...

I fail to understand why my log can't spit out workouts like that. :(

Stef0115 said...

I did not need any further proof that the ELF knows what she is talking about.

She so DOES!!!!!!! And you are a good athlete for following her plan!

beardies3 said...

It looks so pleasant in the sunshine. Would have been nice to race down that path in the sunshine. Oh well, your race made you a heroine for overcoming adversity! To heck with sunshine. Who needs it?

Missy said...

I need to know this ELF and want him to give ME a workout! Looks like a very fun trip!

Wes said...

have a safe trip home! Coach just... knows :-)

GoBigGreen said...

Ooh I hope that helped. I bet getting in your own bed will be the answer. TAlk to you soon, hope you are feeling better.

Runner Leana said...

Mmm, margaritas!! Hope you made it home safe and sound.

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Great Little Miss Molly sign! LOVE IT.....so cute. I have never been to Boise, but it does look adorable....glad the sun finally came out for you guys.

And, a margarita!....Lovely! :)
Glad you enjoyed!