Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre-Race Friday

While poor Jeff had a rough night with restless Cujo getting him up constantly, I followed my pre-race instructions and slept like a baby.  (Huge thanks to Stanley and Max for not making a PEEP all night)

In the morning, we took the dogs on a walk along the run course so I could check it out.  What a gorgeous setup – I would love if we lived here and I had miles of greenbelt to walk them on without worry of foxtails! 

Pretty much my entire run course is going to look like this (photo stolen from the web).

Jeff and I drove up to Lucky Peak Reservoir to drop off the bike in transition.  This is the view of the dam - the swim is on the other side of the dam, then we bike straight across the top of the dam and down a steep grade towards town.

June 12 002

Fiona was looking a little lonely in transition but I am sure she won’t be tomorrow.  This race is doing a “clean transition” where nothing may touch the ground but our wheel (bike gear will be bagged and hanging off the ground).  My poor bike is so small, it doesn’t even touch the ground!

June 12 004

No buoys out yet but this is where we’ll swim!

June 12 006

The rest of the day was devoted to…rest.  Jeff and Stanley had this part covered.


I mixed all my potions and fluids.  I organized my gear and checked it twice.  I packed everything in its respective bag.P6120001

Huge thank you to every one of you – my coach, my husband, my family, my blogger friends, my Smofit friends, my training buddies, my beardie friends, and everyone else who doesn’t fall into one or more of those categories.  I could not have gotten through all the training to date – nor will I get through the rest of this big year – without every one of you.  I might be a little weighed down tomorrow, carrying you all with me.  But I can only hope that our combined swim arms, bike legs and run legs help my load feel just a little lighter, knowing I have such wonderful friends.

Catch you on the flip side!


D said...

Ooooh... Liz gets the mention ahead of husband. Careful Molly! :P

SWTrigal said...

Wow-that looks beautiful! "Clean transition"? Not sure what that means but will it slow you down?
Good luck-you get to sleep in before the race-I am so jealous! Can't wait to dear about all of it...

Meredith said...

Go, Go Go!!!!! The course is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Should make it easy to blow right through it! Your last paragraph got me a little teary eyed. Strong and steady and don't forget that great smile for the photogs!

Liz Waterstraat said...

Flattered. THANKS! GO MOLLY! Like I said, you are smart, confident and prepared. I cannot think of any 3 better things to have packed for race day. But may I admit I am a little confused.....WHERE do you fit into a bed filled with that much dog and man!!?!

ADC said...

Have a great day out day. I think you are about to start as I am writing this and I can't wait to track you online. Go, go, go!!!