Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1:00 – One hour, the time difference between Boise and home.

2:00 pm – The official start time for Boise 70.3.  That’s 1:00 pm for all my PST friends.

2:40 pm – The start time for my wave at Boise.  4th-to-last to go, followed by a bunch of male waves.

9:27 pm – Sunset in Boise on June 13, 2009.  

So clearly, my first goal for Boise needs to be to beat the sun to the finish line!  And if I can beat it by more than 5 minutes, it would be a PR. :)

The crazy train hits the road tonight – Jeff, me and the 3 dogs – stopping first in Reno and then arriving in Boise on Thursday.

Here it comes!!!

T minus 3 days.


Wes said...

Fired up!!! Here we go.....

SWTrigal said...

The race starts at 2:00?!?
You lucky, lucky duck! i wonder if it is too late to change my BSLT registration to Boise..
That is so awesome!!!

BriGaal said...

Good luck and have fun!!!

D said...

Talk about a car full of crazy. Have a good drive!

Maggs said...

Good luck. I want to do that race someday. So I can sleep in.

Missy said...

Baaaahahahaha! Love the cat.

Safe travels, can't wait! It's going to be a great day.

Love the wedding pictures with all the hounds. Perfect.

beardies3 said...

That is NOT a lion, it is a St Bernard. LOL

Melissa said...

OMGosh I love that cat photo!

You are going to have a great race Molly! You've done all the work and now it's time to just press play.

Sherry said...

Wow! That's a late start! Is that b/c of weather or logistics or something else? Interesting, indeed!!!

You are probably 'nearly' there by now and hope that everyone (pups included) are safe, happy and raring to go!

Sending lots of well wishes and positive vibes your way! I'll be stalking you this weekend. :o)

jennabul said...

After our nice swim in your spanking new wetsuit, I don't think beating the sun is going to be an issue! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Trishie said...

SO EXCITING !! wheeee!! have a GREAT race! (and I love that LOL cat :))