Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Dates and Dog Dates

I talked Jenn into swimming with me this morning – my first day back at the pool in over 2 weeks.  I think it was the “AND you can video me for my coach!” that must have pushed her over the edge into accepting.  I sure know how to sweeten the deal.

The video itself is hysterical more for the circumstances – several lanes were taken up by a random visiting synchronized swimming team blasting music while the coach-mom yelled through a megaphone, a slow breaststroker (who Jenn felt had terrible lane etiquette) hogged part of our lane, and Jenn can’t hold her breath for 2 minutes underwater (the nerve!), necessitating her surfacing periodically during taping to capture the hilarity.  The good news is the ELF had some positive things to say about my swim improving since she saw it in February!

We’re too much fun to fit in one camera lens.

2009_June24 004

Tonight the boys had a puppy playdate.  Stanley’s cousin Eva – just 11 weeks old and new to the neighborhood – came over for a visit with her dads.  She took a whole new environment in stride with confidence, sniffing the yard and checking out every nook and cranny, before meeting each dog one at a time.  Stanley in particular decided she was meant for him and designated himself her protector.  I think these two will be quite active playmates within another couple visits.

Beardie baby cuteness knows no bounds!

2009_June24 018

2009_June24 020

2009_June24 025

2009_June24 045

2009_June24 051

She’s even an agility prodigy already :)

2009_June24 046

By the way, have I mentioned that I AM SO EXCITED to be back to training?  It started yesterday with miserable run drills on the track in 95-degree heat, then the pool today, and tomorrow?  BIKE TEST!  Yeah baby!!!


Maria said...

you have such beautiful dogs! not gonna lie i almost enjoy reading more about the dogs than the training...almost!

Andrea said...

you are so cute in your photo underwater! speaking of which...what kind of camera do you have that you can do video underwater????

Runner Leana said...

Aw, Eva is so cute!!!! Good luck with the bike test!

cheryl said...

cute puppy! Your dogs are beautiful. I can't imagine how much work it is to groom them!

jennabul said...

Taping was fun, but I need to work on my technique! I would have swum with you anyway though =)

lynn yarmey said...


awwww, sooo cute!! how lucky you get to have vicarious beardie baby fun!! now remember, you can always send me max so you will have room for your next puppy. i am here to help! :)

oh, and congrats on the swimming improvement :)

Wes said...

What a cute puppie! They just grow up into these big hairballs though :-) Still cute though ;-)

Maggs said...

Your dogs are awesome.

ShirleyPerly said...

You're going to post the swim video, right? :-)

And I can't believe that puppy is only 11 wks old. Very cute but HUGE!