Sunday, June 7, 2009

Being a Spectathlete is Hard Work

Or as my friend Melissa just said, “Your version of spectating is rather active.”

Since I am knee-deep in tapering, I got to watch my friends race today!

And mooch portions of their race course for my own workouts.

The Mermaid Triathlon in Fremont is an all-women sprint race, very welcoming to new triathletes and women of all ages.  Today’s event also included a duathlon and a Mini Mermaid 1.5 mi run for young girls.  I did the Mermaid 10K back in March and the Mermaid Triathlon in Aptos during my 1st year of triathlon (the infamous ocean swim where I chatted with every lifeguard along the way) so I know these are fun events! 

Melissa, her sister-in-law Sara, and Heather were all racing today.  I had an open water swim and a 35-minute run on my schedule for today, so I figured why not?  I could use the lake to swim during their warmup (waves went off every 30 minutes to keep the 3-loop bike course from being too crowded) and then do my run along the bike loop to cheer for my friends at the same time.

Sara, Melissa and Heather were all smiles before the start!

2009_June7 010

I love Melissa’s new Mermaid team tri top

2009_June7 016

2009_June7 019

Melissa, Heather and Sara – Bike shots

2009_June7 033

2009_June7 034

2009_June7 040

I went out on the run course to give Melissa some abuse – she looked a lot happier than the woman behind her!

2009_June7 038

Strong finishes!

2009_June7 048

2009_June7 056

Official results aren’t out yet but both Melissa and Sara for sure improved their times from last year by double-digits!  Congratulations, ladies!  This was Melissa’s first triathlon last year, after several of us badgered her into it, so we’re very proud for her to see how far she’s come!

On my end of things, packing has commenced.  The entire dining room table is now race gear, laid out in order by sport.  Don’t you love how the bike pump has to go ON the table, because I might forget it if it stays on the floor nearby?

2009_June7 007

Besides all of that junk, the other important things I can’t forget to pack (Jeff came in to chat with me while I was working Friday evening and they glommed on to the cuddle opportunity):

2009_June7 001

Training totals for week 24 (June 1-7):
Swim: ~5200 yards
Bike: 44.4 miles
Run: 15.4 miles
Total time: 8 hours

No more chance for denial, no more ignoring reality, no more delay…it’s really here.  Up next, IT’S RACE WEEK!


beardies3 said...

:-) It is HAPPY race week. This is good. Packing is under control. You are focused. It will be good.

Clarese said...

Great action shots, Molly! Thank you for sharing them.

Marit C-L said...

NICE job on the packing - you are an inspiration! :) YES - enjoy the race week!!!!

Way to be a spectathlete and HOORAY for all your friends racing...they are AWESOME :)

Missy said...

Oh, spectathlet-ing is my second favorite thing. I love it. Mmm, how can we find a race to spectate together???:) We'd have a ball, I'm telling ya. Except my spectating usually starts with bloody mary's NOT a swim.

Yay, for race week. I love it!

Runner Leana said...

Great race shots! I am sure that your friends really appreciated you cheering them on.

Packing really is an event in itself, eh? I can't believe your race week is here already. You are going to rock this race!

Wes said...

That's a great start. Are you practicing to be an Iron Spectathlete? That is especially grueling:-)

melissa said...

You were like that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he is playing all the positions. There was Molly at the swim exit running up the hill ahead of me taking pics. There's Molly on the bike course and again on the bike course. Hey, how is she running towards me on the run course? There she is at the finish, again running ahead and taking pics. :-)

It was so awesome to have you there. Thank you!!