Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures In Idaho

Yesterday we headed north to the Sawtooth Wilderness a few hours away from Boise.  Jeff’s friend Kelly graciously took the day off work to show us around.

This is what it looked like as we passed Lucky Peak dam. 

The weather has improved so much since race day.

2009_June15 011

As we approached the Sawtooths, they were still shrouded in clouds.

2009_June15 019

Our first stop: Stanley, Idaho – stepping-off point for the National Forest and Wilderness areas around and the only spot on the road with wireless and food!

The dogs got a romp first after the long drive.

2009_June15 028

And then a casual lunch.

2009_June15 029

And a trip to the ranger station to ask about the trails. 

Stanley with the Stanley sign.

2009_June15 034

The clouds were starting to clear over the mountains.

2009_June15 035

Finally, it was time to hike and find ourselves some snow!

2009_June15 042

First water stop

2009_June15 051

2009_June15 052

Stream crossing

2009_June15 062

The real fun started when we found the snow line.

2009_June15 070

The characteristic jagged peaks of the Sawtooths

2009_June15 071

Snow is fun fun fun!

I have to laugh that Kelly took this picture of Jeff and I, and Thatcher is having a little fun with Max in the background.

2009_June15 077

Happy dogs are my dogs in snow

2009_June15 090

2009_June15 091

2009_June15 086

Stanley is always making friends

2009_June15 094

Who needs a sled for downhill sledding?

2009_June15 097

2009_June15 098

At least someone in the family is swimming.  After all, it’s a whole week of no swimbikerun for me.

2009_June15 105

This rare junk food snack attack is for Jen Harrison (aka Miss Daisy) and D.  The Reese’s Pieces aren’t quite M&Ms and the Coke isn’t quite Diet Coke but I thought of you ladies nonetheless.

2009_June15 109

Overall not a bad day for the dogs after being patient through pre-race preparations and race day.  I’m so glad I got to explore more of Idaho as well!


SWTrigal said...

Love the video of the "kids" playing in the snow! How beautiful!

D said...

That's like a warm-up, hardly an attack! :P
What a great way to spend post-race. Love it. See ya in a couple days!!

Stef0115 said...

Awesome!!! I always make Glenn look at the dog pics. So great. And it is so beautiful there.

Beth said...

What a hoot - loves those goofy snow dogs!
Gorgeous mountains.

Beth T

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad you are having the chance to enjoy ID more while there. Last year when I drove from UT to MT, I just drove through ID and didn't stop at all except for gas & restrooms. Love the mountains and looking at snow (not feeling the cold, though :-)

ADC said...

Great pics. Looks like fun!

Runner Leana said...

It looks so beautiful out there!! Glad you got to enjoy the state while you are there. It definitely looks as though the dogs had a blast in the snow. The pictures are hilarious!!

Wes said...

lucky dogs :-) I'd have four little fur buckets with hair down to the ground if I had the time to take care of it. They love the cold weather too...

Larissa said...

LOL LOVE the snow pics!!!! I'll have to make my way to ID with Athena one day. I think she'd have fun in the high country and she love love loves snow!

lynn yarmey said...

shanti and miko are jealous... they LOOOOVE idaho! my in laws are up in CdA, complaining about all of the bikes at the moment! but it is beautiful country, especially when there is snow on the ground!

have i mentioned lately that i am in love with max (what can i say, dorky boys are my type!) :)

have a great time up there!!

Clarese said...

How is it that you can go hiking a couple of days after an Iron Man, and I can barely get off the couch after a day of sitting on the couch?

Missy said...

I love the pictures! Mad humper, niceee!

You sound like you're moving about just fine.