Thursday, August 20, 2009

ART – Part 2

I already posted that my first visit to ART, while productive, was indeed painful.  I was so pleased to see that my next visit (yesterday) wasn’t nearly as bad!  My calf and ankle have definitely improved, though I still have more to be done and some healing up to do.

Check out my pretty bruise after 2 ART treatments.  I’ve got a nice one on my ankle too.


Yesterday my doctor asked if I had any objection to kinesio tape to help everything heal and support the ankle/calf while they do.  Heck, why would I?  Apparently some people don’t want visible tape on their bodies.  HA!  I went straight to the farmers market with mine, followed by a 3-hour walk-play-dinner outing with the dogs.

2009_August19 001

Specifically he asked me to test out Rock Tape, a new brand they just got in that is designed for athletes.  Next week I will try regular kinesio tape and give him feedback on how they felt different.

I got the generic brand-logo tape (yes, Jen Harrison, I DID ask if they had hot pink tape and they do) this time, but next time I’m telling him I want the cow print!

Since I am the master of color coordination, I even managed to pair my leg tape with the appropriate swimsuit at masters this morning.

If you can’t have a little fun with it, why do it, right?


Sherry said...

Oh yes, Molly... those bruises... ART at its finest!

Kinesiotape... do you remember William from camp? Well, I completely jacked up my previously-injured calves that weekend doing those drills at Fit2Run. I was panic stricken b/c I had my very first half marathon the weekend after camp! William fixed me up with a bit of massage and some tape (which I wore for like 3 or 4 days, untilit fell off) and I ran the 1/2 marry pain-free that Sunday!

Good stuff!

**Thanks for your help with the bike questions. :o)

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, those are some serious bruises. I remember sports massages hurting a lot but I don't think I ever had bruises like that. ART must be 10X worse.

Cute tape, though :-) Hope you heal up fast!!

GoBigGreen said...

hee hee, cute!

Wes said...

haha! Nicely done... Bruises on a triathlete are HAWT :-)

Tea said...

I love that swimsuit!!

bruises from ART? Let me just add that to things I WILL NEVER DO. My wuss factor is WAY too high for that.

Unknown said...

Hey there! Greg from ROCKTAPE here. Email me admin at and i'll get you some free samples, you can give to your friends, hand out at races. We'd love to make you a ROCKSTAR (more than you already are ;-))