Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beginning to Build…

This week marked the beginning of my pre-IM build.  It looks like a couple weeks of getting the volume back up to get my body used to it, a little rest, and then we start the “real” build to IM (the “real” part makes me laugh since it feels like it’s been building all year!).  Basically this week I swam a lot (matching my most yards ever for a week from back in the late spring), I biked a decent amount, including a hard interval workout Saturday morning (AFTER 3000 yds in the pool) that left me dripping in sweat eating cheese and crackers on the kitchen floor in an effort to recover.  And I ran a bit, the highlight being Thursday’s trail run (which I was still feeling in my legs during Saturday morning’s workouts!).

I wrapped up the week today with a long ride and short run off the bike.  As usual, everyone wanted in on a little of the riding action – Nigel rode the entire 60 miles with me, George was with us for about 42 miles, and Jeff jumped in for the easiest and most wind-free 20 miles of the journey (he has a hockey game to play tonight).

The letter for today is H for Headwind.  As there is no drafting in triathlon and I need to kick my butt a little harder on the bike, I suggested that I pull for the most windy sections (when I was on the back, I stayed way back so as to not use the draft from my friends).  There’s nothing like spinning as best you can and only going 13-14 mph, with a bunch of fast guys behind you, to make you laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Despite the wind, we really did have a very nice ride.  The scenery was better than I had expected and the rolling country roads kept me distracted from all the antics of the wind.

38 miles in, making a restroom break at Starbucks

2009_August16 005

After some mechanical stops and starts (flat tire for me from a HUGE hole in the road in downtown Morgan Hill – and let me just say WOW I LOVE the CO2 tire inflation – and a flat for George and some readjustment of my tire), I dashed out for a short run and then immediately jumped into an ice bath upon my return.   With the heat outside, it felt PERFECT.

2009_August16 006

Once I had finally cleaned up and had a bit more to drink, I met Jeff and Nigel, who’d gone out for lunch and drinks.  Lots of water for me, thanks!

2009_August16 009

It looks like this next week will be more of the same, with a little bigger long run/long ride.  On top of that my boss will be back from Maui and things will be busier around the office!  For now though, I’m ignoring the reality of an impending Monday with plans to nap and read the rest of my day away.

Training totals for week 34 (August 10-16):
Swim: 7600 yards
Bike: 92.3 miles
Run: 15.8 miles
Total time: 12.25 hours
Plus 2 hours of yoga


Trishie said...

"that left me dripping in sweat eating cheese and crackers on the kitchen floor in an effort to recover" HA I can totally relate !

keep going -- your training looks great (and you are just too cute)

Missy said...

OMG, jumped into an ice bath myself. You look way too relaxed about the whole thing! I just sit there with my teeth clenched. Sounds like some good workouts. That IS the hard part about a late season race like FLA or AZ, everyone else is done and you're still building. Hang in there, it'll be worth it.

beardies3 said...

I look forward to your Sunday long rides and the photos. I love that your pals are always ready to accompany you and share your ride.

The ice bath looks like torture but it must feel good or you wouldn't put yourself through it.

All this is going into the bank for AZ. You are on track and strong!

Meredith said...

Am I the only fool who doesn't take ice baths with my clothes on? I leave a sweatshirt on, but why get the shorts all wet? :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

A SUNDEVIL!!!!! The memories of Tempe.

Wes said...

Where's the ice in that ice bath? LOL...

D said...

I don't remember you having such big boobs.

Yep, that's all I have to say.

Duane said...

Build it! :-)

Meera said...

That ice-bath pic made me giggle. No book or tea in your hands, no bubbles, no salts - I guess I won't be having an ice bath any time soon :)

ShirleyPerly said...

You have some great riding partners to let you pull in the wind like that at 13-14mph. My husband gets so impatient with me and must blast ahead if I drop below 15mph. Of course, he can only hang for ~50 miles out in the heat ;-)

Great job with your workouts, Molly. I too feel like I've been building since the beginning of this year!

GoBigGreen said...

After my HIM this weekend i was still in disbelief that people do full IM' more power to you!!
Ice bath's rock!

ADC said...

Sounds like fun. I am glad we have races around the same time in Nov so can "train together". :)