Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Race Photos

I ordered the entire CD of digital photos, but in the meantime I “borrowed” these from the photographer’s website. Don’t fry your brains trying to focus on details, they are fuzzy non-full-quality images.

Smile says Yay, swim PR!


Riding around a corner 9 miles into the bike course


I LIKE this one, even if I am visibly suffering on that hill. It makes my tummy look small.


I look pretty unhappy about the heatfest that was the run

0478 0479

2nd loop


Finish! (check out the gnome in the background!)


AND look at my dad out there rocking the Aquabike course!

4048 4085



Maggs said...

Great pictures! You look awesome. But please post more dog pictures :-)

TriGirl Kate O said...

Love that side shot of you on the bike--looks like it could be an Orbea ad!

Jennifer Harrison said...

BOTH feet are off the ground on your run! :)) great fun pics of you all and the MM outfit is cute! I don't think I knew FE did them! FUN!

Rainmaker said...

Very nice shots, your race photos always seem to come out great.

jennabul said...

Tummy smaller? Really? Please...=) the pics are great! Congrats again!

Sherry said...

Molly, you look terrific!!! So STRONG! Love the new MM race kit on you too! :o)

Way to go, girl! :o)

ADC said...

Great pics - you look great.

cheryl said...

way to go to your dad!

Wes said...

Nice kit! and pappy is lookin good too!!

Runner Leana said...

Those are fantastic race pictures! You look stellar in all of them!! I especially love the side shot of you on the bike.

Nice air on the run as well!

Charisa said...

Love the photos of you and your dad!! My Dad and I race IM together sometimes and I think it's so cool!

Meredith said...

Those are the longest shorts I have ever seen. ;)

Larissa said...

Great pics way to kick butt!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great photos! I love that one of you crossing the finish line with the gnome in the back. I have yet to buy any official race photos, believe it or not.

Tea said...

AWESOME pictures! I've never seen so many good pictures from one race. I love the running pictures. You can see the sheer determination. :)

Your dad looked amazing! He really rocked the course.

Meredith said...

Awesome photos, and look at your arms, damn lady!

The shots of your Dad are awesome!