Friday, January 22, 2010

Agility Trial Report

It’s taken a few days to get the photos and videos from the vendors, but here is our report from last weekend!

First, some photos from Dog Gone Digital.






I bought this one of Max from Doghouse Arts.  I LOVE his face. I hope they don’t mind if I steal the Facebook version while waiting for my photo to arrive :)


And videos from 4 Legged Flix.  A brief explanation of the difference between the classes my dogs compete at: Max is at the highest level, Excellent, and no mistakes are allowed; Stanley is at the beginner level, Novice, and *some* types of mistakes are allowed.

Max had a fantastic qualifying run in Excellent B Standard on Saturday for 10 more MACH points!

Stanley would have qualified in Novice Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) on Saturday if he had not knocked a bar.

Max had a great qualifying run in Excellent JWW on Sunday for 9 more points!

Max did not qualify on Sunday’s standard course – oh what a mistake I did not expect! - but it was SUCH a beautiful run!

Stanley qualified in JWW on Sunday for the 2nd leg towards his title and a 4th place in the class!

Stanley only ran Standard on Saturday.  It was a funny run, with some high points (contacts! weave poles! table!), some moments of bad handling (it was late in the day and I was tired.  I should never be tired when handling Stan), and some silly ones (teeter? what teeter?).  But I’m going to post it anyway so we can look back later and see our progress!


beardies3 said...

Max rarely makes mistakes so it must be a shock. Stan is speedy, really speedy. You are going to have to be awake to handle that one. LOL
Nice job, Molly. I sure admire your training skills.

Maggs said...

I love the pictures. So cute.

Kim said...

oh my friggin gosh, how cute!

cheryl said...

Molly - those videos are so great. How do you know where to run! It always looks like a mystery to me. Also looks like the teeter totter is a tough one to teach them. Wow, thanks for putting those up, so fun to watch them.

Molly said...

The handlers get to walk the course in advance and the obstacles are numbered, so we have to memorize it before running with the dog. Sometimes that works out better than other times :)

D said...

GREAT photos! I know they're professional, but I'm still impressed.

Kris said...

Awesome pics! He looks so happy. :)

Kris said...

Errr....I meant to say *they* look so happy. :)

Jen said...

Way to go beardie boys!

Maria said...

Awesome pictures!I love when you can see the beardie's eyes.

Sherry said...

100% awesomeness!!! I always look forward to your dog pics and videos!

Anonymous said...

Those are great videos. I love the barking - you can really tell how much fun they both are having. Chindi and I start on the 18th and I'm so excited.