Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens


I keep meaning to write a blog post about all the things that got me through training and racing last year and are expected to get me through another year.  Especially as I’ve been chatting with Jenn about what she will need for racing, the thoughts have come up.  So…today’s as good a day as any other!

In no particular order…


Aquaphor: My anti-chafing lube of choice.  Non-water-soluble, so it worked with wetsuits and swimsuits, during races, before/during bike rides, and anytime I had a sore spot that needed tending.  A sample size tube of this stuff stashed in my special needs bag saved the last 50 miles of my Ironman bike from being truly miserable.


Lululemon: I know, it’s no shock I’m addicted to their clothes.  But this is about…their running clothes!  So stinkin cute you can’t help but want to wear them all the time, but also wonderfully functional and comfortable! 


Roman Paradigm Massage: Regular deep tissue sports massages kept me on top of my game all year.  As I’ve often joked, NOT the fluffy relaxing type of massage but exactly what I needed to work out every potential issue in my muscles.


Asics running shoes: Keeping my feet, joints and muscles happy and healthy since 2008!


Foam Roller: Love it, hate it, hate it some more.  But it helped loosen up tight painful muscles and keep me injury-free.  Too bad mine is still in Arizona somewhere (long story), I’ll have to get a new one.  But maybe not just yet…


Recovery Sock: I LOVE these socks.  I really believe wearing them after tough workouts helped my legs recover quicker.  And they even come in pink!


Splish: The ultimate in cute swimsuits and the custom ones are even more fun.  Eat your heart out, Charisa Wernick, I have a gnome suit!



Rocktape: When I was getting ART last fall trying to keep myself from developing an injury, Rocktape provided excellent support to healing muscles so I could keep running.  AND it stayed on through swimming for a whole week, biking, and everything else!  Great little local company!

Infinit: It took a lot of experimentation last year before I landed on Infinit.  I was very happy I finally found the product that would allow me to take in all the necessary calories on long bike rides in a concentrated form without taking up too much space.  Completely customizable to your needs and taste!

Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Worms: Best addition to bike nutrition, ever.  I couldn’t stomach chocolate on the bike but gummy worms were just right for a taste of “something different” from my other nutrition products.


Willow Glen Bicycles: No matter what my emergency, the guys at WG Bikes were always there to help me out.  They’ve saved my butt pre-race, pre-bike test, pre-120-mile-ride more times than I can count.  Great bike selection, awesome service, and a knowledgeable staff – what more could you want?  At this point, they are family.


Elizabeth Waterstraat/Multisport Mastery: Last but certainly not least, there’s no way I would have survived the year I planned, trained or not, without the experience and guidance of my wonderful coach!  She kept me focused, neither undertrained nor overtrained, uninjured (!!!), entertained, and confident that I could accomplish my goals.  I’m so excited to be working with her for yet another season!

That’s all for now…my bike test provided a good starting point for the year and tomorrow? Aaaggghhhh! The dreaded swim test.


Jill said...

oh my gosh---those swimsuits are awesome!

TriGirl Kate O said...


jennabul said...

A very nice list. I plan on using it from time to time =)

Unknown said...

I love this list. I had one of the love it/hate it sports massages today. Ouch!!

Maria said...

I love gummy worms!

Wes said...

Gummy worms? Really? ROFL...

Runner Leana said...

Love your gnome suit! So cute!

Charisa said...

OH MY I need one of those!!! SO FUN!! How awesome :) And gummy worms - fuel of choice on long rides :)

The Original MAJ said...

+1 for
Foam rollers


San said...

Interesting list. love the swimsuit. ;-)

D said...

Why is Wes so surprised with gummy worms? And why does he find it funny? I'm confused.

Calling out Charisa: nice work :)

GoBigGreen said...

I love it. WE have ALOT in common. Other thani have never had those wormie things. I like TWISTERs, and black licorice:) Panda brand.
Aquaphor is far better than any chamois cream, I Agree.
And WOOHOO on your tests. That is awesome!

ScottRR said...

Molly, great job on all of the training! And thank you for the positive ROCKTAPE plug. I loved the product so much, I joined the company. Can I send you some free samples for your next race? Email me at By the way, Willow Glen Bicycles is a great shop...totally agree. And you can get ROCKTAPE right at Athletic Performance in WG downtown. Get ROCKed! :) Keep up the great work, and please let me know how we can make RT better...would love your feedback.