Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Damn Double Dam Run

So it’s monsooning rain and it’s apparently Long Run Thursday and I need to go run a hilly course.  Normal street routes wouldn’t be safe (no shoulder in the hills) and the wilderness trails are too muddy and churned up, so the Los Gatos Creek Trail it was! Part paved, part gravel, all safe and empty!

I parked out by the Vasona Dam and headed uphill from there to Lexington Dam.  Hence, the Damn Double Dam run.

Vasona Lake is not normally this nice brown color but 4 days of runoff has done its part to muck up the water.  No wonder my pool was closed.


Winding along the paved along Los Gatos Creek


And onto gravel as I went further into the hills


This was always my least favorite mountain biking hill (it’s steeper than it looks) and it’s not a favorite while running either.  Hello, Zone 5c!


The end destination: Lexington Dam.  That’s the trail that cuts across the middle continuing up to the top.


Amusing underpass mural art


Back at Vasona and yes, that’s snow on the mountains.  It’s been a very chilly rainstorm!


I think this run proved my legs are finally back.  I’m quite pleased with how it felt and what my pace was like, even up and down the hills.  Just in time, too, with my 1st race of 2010 in 2 weeks!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Yeah for the dams!!! Hill training kills you, I think I almost fell asleep yesterday at 8 p.m. since I was so tired from running hills. Even with the bad weather I am envious of the views/terrain options you have in CA!!!

Maggs said...

I was browsing the photos and I saw the bear. Had to do a double take.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Send me your lemons! I'd make lemon meringue pie--YUM!!!

My long run today was hillier than planned, plus I went 10 mins longer than scheduled. Sorry I couldn't run with you!

jennabul said...

Nice pics. Looks like it was empty out there today. No wind or thunder. Good stuff. Great job!

ADC said...

Nice photos. And come on that is not raining ;))

cheryl said...

looks like a great place to run!

heather said...

Trail running here is still way too icy and muddy. I'm jealous!

Wes said...

just damn :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Great dam run!!

I'm running my first-ever 10K in March and will be interested in seeing what pace you are able to run yours after that iron training you did last year. I feel like such a slug now :-(

Runner Leana said...

Looks like beautiful scenery out there!! Nice job on the long run in the rain!