Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back in the saddle again

It’s starting to come together again…Max and I are getting the hang of competing as partners, I’m getting back into training…and I’m learning how to work with Stanley, who is a whole different kind of dog to run!

My boys were very good at the trial this weekend.  VERY very good.  Even if every run didn’t count as a qualifying leg, they worked so hard for me.  Video to come in a few days (whenever it is delivered by the video company), and then you will see.

In the midst of long days of trialing, I wrapped up what is really my first big week of training since AZ.  I did my Saturday hard bike trainer workout after 8pm, shortly after getting back from the show.  I did my long run on Sunday in between Max’s two runs.  The agility people already think I’m weird after I once did a 15-mile marathon training run in circles around the fairgrounds while waiting for Max’s turn to run.  Someone suggested I could have brought my trainer and done my ride there yesterday, but I don’t need them thinking I’m any weirder. 

One thing I did notice at the trial…a lot of those people could use some run drills/training.  I’m lucky to be a strong runner to keep up with my dogs, but some people don’t even know HOW to run.  As a result, they can’t get where they need to be on course to direct their dogs through the course.  Gee, maybe there is a market there for whipping agility handlers into shape?

I don’t get the day off work tomorrow – we get less paid holidays at my company but it’s made up for with the nice holiday shutdown between Christmas and New Years.  So I will be in the pool dark and early, followed by morning meetings!  Enjoy the week, everyone!

Training totals for January 11-17:
Swim: 5200 yards
Bike: 51.2 miles
Run: 15.3 miles
Strength: 1/2 hour
Total time: ~9 hours


D said...

Oooooh... business opportunity!!

I've always been a fan of working holidays so that I get extra time off in a big chunk, like you have. Have a good swim!

ADC said...

Great training week. :)))

Unknown said...

Nice week!! Isn't it great to be back in training again??

Missy said...

I'm with D, whip those peoples into shape. I have always noticed that they're a lot of larger or slow moving handlers out there. I always thought that was weird...

Dave said... offense intended, because I really don't know, but is this why handlers all prance around kind of straight-leggedly funny during dog shows? Or is that intentional and helps somehow?

Molly said...

Not really. The show ring is a whole different beast. Your objective there is to move the dog at the best speed for them for correct movement, and it's not always the best pace for you. For the most part you are trying to stay out of the dog's way and not be too distracting, as you would be if you were all-out running.

Rainmaker said...

I hear ya on first week of training since the big race last year...lots of fun!

Dave said...

Good to know! No guarantees we won't still giggle at it, though. :)