Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello, 2010!

It’s fun to read everyone’s year-end posts and see the excitement and anticipation about a new year and all the hope that brings. But really…did today feel any different than yesterday? In my case, the only thing different was that I woke up pissed off after all the neighbors shot off illegal fireworks last night, waking us up and freaking out our dogs. Yes, I was the crazy lady in her bathrobe yelling at people in the driveway at midnight.

Anyway, from my perspective, it’s always exciting to see more friends get into endurance sports and specifically triathlon. You may remember my high school buddy Jenn, who was a great swimming and riding partner this year in my IM training.

2009_June24 004

She graduated nursing school this past spring and started work in the ER this fall. With all of that finally set up, Jenn was ready – starting today, she is working with Jen Harrison and training for her first triathlons this year! Yay!

Jenn started a blog (Will Train For Wine And Chocolate) to chronicle her newbie triathlete adventures, so add her to your blog readers and give her a little love and encouragement! She’s going to have an awesome year with some great challenges (for me, the biggest challenge would be combining tri training with working the night shift in the ER!). I can’t wait to see her success out there!


Jennifer Harrison said...

I am so glad Jenn and you can do some training together. Elizabeth and I will ensure to torture you both equally !!!!

And, I added Jenn's blog to my fav list and will stalk her there too.

Happy 2010 LMM! See you in May, right? Are you coming to ChiCago camp with Elizabeth & I ????

D said...

I get pissed off when my upstairs neighbours stomp up their stairs, nevermind fireworks and such chaos. I'm an old lady in her 20's lol.

jennabul said...

Ahh Molly. That's so sweet! You're the best! Love all the new pictures too on the main blog page.

ADC said...

Glad to hear another one is hooked on this sport, you crazy lady ;))

San said...

LOL and I thought I was alone with hating the crackers on NYE.

Nice new pictures, I especially like the one with Max(?) in full flight.

Trishie said...

happy 2010 ironman !

Randy Egge said...

Hi Molly, I just watched your Ironman video. That was very cool. I actually got chocked up as I saw you just keep going and going. Congratulations.


Wes said...

I surrendered to my fireworks inspired neighbors a long time ago. I have one dog that can't stand them. She sleeps on top of me those nights :-)

Runner Leana said...

Happy New Year!