Sunday, January 31, 2010


Some weeks are just about getting through and doing what needs to be done.  Between work, appointments, life commitments, and training, this was one of them. 


Meetings meetings meetings.  Kicking off new projects.  Meeting many deadlines.  Trying to finish up my self-assessment for 2009 on time.  Oh yes, it’s performance review time.  Ick.


2 hard bike trainer sessions.  I felt strong on them, I think this means all the high wattage workouts are paying off.  2 hard runs, one with increasing speeds over a certain distance, one running hilly loops at increasing HR zones.  These should pay off in my coming running races.  3 days at masters swim.  And at the end of Saturday’s workout, we did a timed 100 and I swam my fastest 100 ever.  It’s SO close to a barrier that has previously felt impossible for me, just a few seconds away.  A few seconds, my friends and coach were quick to point out, that I could easily gain with a dive off the blocks and flip-turns.  Oh, did I mention I committed to doing my first swim meet in March?  Oy.  Time to work on those turns and learn how to dive.


Saw my dentist this week.  As always, I’m maintaining, fighting the good fight against a doomed set of gums, but things were looking OK. 

Hit a few yoga classes for some deep stretching.  Lunges and squats have got my hamstrings and thigh muscles so tight I was cringing when walking for a few days. 

Introduced my mother to Lululemon.  She’s doomed.  Also informed her she’ll be doing the 5K race with me in March. *snicker*

Saw the Sharks crush the Wild last night.  That was nice.

Worked hard to exhaust the dogs after being trapped in the house through over a week of rain.  Took Stanley along for the first 2 warmup miles of my hilly Saturday run.  Took everyone to the park for several fetch sessions.  Walked a few miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail this morning, including two stops at the fenced dogpark so they could run around like wild things.  Baths for muddy icky smelly dogs after all that.  They are finally tired.




Training totals for January 25-31:
Swim: 5400 yards
Bike: 50.4 miles
Run: 16.9 miles
Strength: 0.5 hour
Total time: 9.25 hours

A hard 3-week block is over and it’s finally time for a lighter week!  My body will appreciate the rest.

Off to spend some quality time with my foam roller…

January Totals:
Swim: 18,460 yards
Bike: 194 miles
Run: 66.4 miles
Strength: 3 hours


jennabul said...

Woo hoo! The hardest training you've done since IM. Pretty cool. So glad you're liking the new swim team. A nice. Okay here's to more walking funny in upcoming weeks and a great 10K this weekend!

Marit C-L said...

WOW - what a great week! Busy - but lots of fun stuff happening. WOO HOO! Enjoy the recovery! YES!!!

Rainmaker said...

Funny, I walked past Lulumon today in the mall. The name caught my attention. Kinda fun to say.

Oh, and looking forward to the arrival of the lemons...though with our weather recently, I think they'll be frozen lemons when they arrive. :)

ADC said...

Great week Molly. Love the doggies' photos.

heather said...

They look so cute sitting by the lake.

Wes said...

Yea. Those are some good digits. Way to nail the week. I am looking forward to a rest week myself. I modified my plan last night to make it more restful :-)

Lisa T said...

Ugh, the dentist. I have the dentist coming up. NO!

Charisa said...

I just love your dogs!

San said...

Yeah on the swim time. Congrats.

And doing that to your mom is so mmeeeeaaan. LOL. Hope that you both enjoy it.

ShirleyPerly said...

Very excited to hear about your swim meet! I have been meaning to improve on my flip turns (which suck badly) but tri training has not been good enough reason to do it. I'm not sure I could dive off a platform, though. Good luck with that!!!

Tricia said...

Such cute doggies!

Molly said...

you had a great training month! I had to swing by your blog after you commented on Kelly the Trimommy's blog....I don't often see the name Molly so I was curious : )