Friday, May 21, 2010


I’ve plowed through every workout assigned so far this week (2 more days to go but they are non-work days so I should be OK).  It’s felt good to get back to consistency and solid effort.  But…OMG, I’m beat.  It’s been a while since I was this tired (in a good way).

Today’s sessions were the icing on the cake.  After walking the dogs at 5am, I was on the track with my bike/trainer and racing flats by 5:45.  The little old ladies who walk laps on the track from 5 till after 7 didn’t know what to make of me, peddling to nowhere and then running laps before hopping back on the bike.  And I think the boot camp participants, doing their planks and lunges in the middle of the football field, were worried their instructor would get some new ideas.


At 7:30, I crammed all my gear back in the car, raced home to change, and drove the dogs to the groomer in Morgan Hill (about 1/2 hr away). 

I got to the pool just in time for 9:00 masters swim (oh how I love a mid-morning swim option!) and my coach announced it would be a low-volume hard-work sort of day.  Oh-kaaaay…  What that ended up meaning was, after warmup, lots of slooooooow sculling drills, some IM sets, and then races.  Well, more like timed sets, but races because he paired us up with similar speeded swimmers for the intervals.

Somehow I managed to fumble my way down the steps into the hot tub (legs might have been shaking a bit at that point) after the workout and sit there pleasantly warm and numb for a few minutes before heading home.  Where I’ve proceeded to devour quite a lot of food and spend my day in a bit of a haze.  Ah, good times.

Now I’m just waiting for my boys to get home from the groomer.  From the silence when the mailman makes his delivery to the absence of a chin in my lap during meals, they are missed in so many little ways.


Jill said...

Molly, please don't ever repeat this workout on the track on Tuesday nights or Thursday mornings...wouldn't want to give H any ideas. :)

Marit C-L said...

OMG - that is an AWESOME workout! Yes...even in Florida there were lots of retirees at the track in the early am. GREAT JOB! On the flip side - great imagery with the "puppies" waiting for the mailman. I love it! :) Happy weekend training!

Clarese said...

Wow, Molly. You did more in the morning than I've done in a month!

jennabul said...

That was a very productive morning. Great job!! Glad the little middle school boys weren't around to mess things up!

Liz Waterstraat said...

Wait a minute - I'm pretty sure I scheduled the track workout but the swim afterwards? I'm not that evil! Where did that come from!?

Meera said...

That's a crazy workout! I agree on missing the little doggie quirks. I hate it when the dogs have a bark-a-thon, but when they aren't home, I find the silence after a doorbell to be so deafening!