Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Thoughts on Tennessee

* It’s all green and rolly here. Seriously in hours of driving all over the place, I never saw a flat spot. Also incredibly beautiful!


* I felt like a true California girl driving through this Southern area belting out Lady Gaga along with the radio.

* Knoxville is an adorable town – lovely downtown area with restaurants and a farmers market I hit on Saturday morning. Scenic greenways for walking, running and biking. River views. And the weekend weather was to die for – 70ish with no humidity!



* The Rev3 race venue was well selected and set up nicely for access to hotels and the race sites. My hotel was an escalator ride away from the expo and finish line.


* The Rev3 timing utterly sucked. As most folks who tried to track us saw, it was impossible to get real-time information after all. My swim time was wrong. My finish time was uploaded HOURS after I was done. And the data is simply not well presented – instead of showing your swim, bike and run times, they are only added to your accumulated race time total. It’s hard to do math after you race. Very very hard. [To add to this, I thought the advertised benefit to Rev3 races was the partnership with Trakkers to provide us with real time GPS tracking data. In fact, this is not currently available, except for the little green people sponsored by Trakkers, and it didn’t even always work well for them.] Disappointing for a race that is sponsored by a timing/tracking company!

* I never thought I’d say it was possible but…the bike course was harder than Wildflower. Yes, such a thing exists. The half course *may* have been similar or easier – I can’t say as I’ve never ridden either one. But the Wildflower course offers at least a few flat areas, as well as longer shallower hills. This was relentless rollers of the likes we don’t even have in California. My hat is off to you, Tennessee! No wonder Missy is such a damn strong cyclist, living out there.

* The weekend would not have been the same without friends, new and old. It was wonderful to see Rachelle, Dave, Meredith and Wes again and to finally meet Ray. And sharing the whole experience with Kate O, who seems to exude enviable grace whether she’s dressed up for dinner or fresh off the race course, made it a blast. Now if only I’d met Missy!!!

* This was my first race going completely sockless and I’m a convert. Other than one little blister from the run – and now I know somewhere else in the shoe to lube up – it was delightful!

* I’m sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight home and really wishing there were pedicure stations here. My tootsies need some pampering and I never seem to find the time to get it done at home. Plus, I’m too scared of what the ladies are saying about my feet that I can’t understand.

Race report, coming soon!


Melissa said...

Oh, it does look beautiful there! My brother might be moving to Knoxville next year and I really hope it happens.

So, did you get an Olympic distance PR even with the extra one mile on the bike? Looking forward to the RR.

GoBigGreen said...

Nice job! Too bad about the timing that is frustrating!
So no shoes... Do you wear the zoots?

Maria said...

Sucks about the GPS tracking system. Can't wait to read your RR, it will be exciting to read everyone elses point of view from the same race!

cheryl said...

yep, I think TN is beautiful. Chattanooga is one of my favorite places to go ride. 2000ft vertical, low altitude, nice weather, green everywhere. love it! so glad you enjoyed Knoxville and the race, and a PR! nice job!!

Marit C-L said...

Congrats on a great day!!! I forgot how big rivers on the east coast and midwest are... I rarely see them out here.. :) And HOORAY for sockless! Anything under an Oly distance and I'll do the same... the longer stuff though = well, that's ugly without socks.

Safe travels home! Can't wait to read the RR!!

Sherry said...

TN is a gorgeous state! Scott and I are always looking for excuses to see his family (outskirts of Memphis) or to visit my Aunt (who lives on the TN/NC border; just about the most beautiful place on the East Coast). I'm glad that you enjoyed your time there.

That's a shame about the tracking system. :o( Hopefully they'll get it right next time.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Enviable grace?! You flatter me. Glad you didn't mention my snoring. I had such a great time too!

ADC said...

Great race Molly. I am glad you've mentioned going sockless. I've never tried it and am thinking about it.

jennabul said...

Awesome job. Glad you got home safe. Who knew there were so many hills in TN??

Beth said...

Congrats on your HUGE PR Molly - hills and all! :)