Sunday, May 23, 2010

Topics of the Weekend

Weather: May weather in Northern California has absolutely sucked balls.  We’re on track to have only the 2nd May in recorded history in San Jose without hitting the 80s.  And don’t take that to mean it’s been in the 70s a lot, because it hasn’t.  I am so tired of rain and 60s that I’m ready to road trip to Arizona for some real proper weather.  I’ve lived here 30 years and this is the most miserably cold May I can remember.

Dogs: I have nice clean dogs.



Stanley and I went to the dog show in Vallejo yesterday to cheer for friends.  I ended up helping handle a dog for one friend.  It was 48 degrees and I froze my butt off.  Hmmph.  Good thing though, “our” dogs did well (if it’s not a dog of a friend or one I really like, I could care less who wins!).

Hills: I went through my Training Peaks calendar and today was only my 12th outdoor ride of 2010, including races.  All the hard trainer work makes me strong but it is nice to enjoy the hills and scenery outside!  And today was all about hills – nothing too tough but just a beautiful ride up and back in our foothills.

Climbing Woodside Road


Looking back down as we climb


This is fun!


I love the country roads in Woodside – less traffic and very scenic!


The stretch through Portola Valley is my least favorite part of this ride…it’s a very long false flat and even though I know it’s several miles of uphill, it’s always frustratingly slow.


Training totals for May 17-23:
Swim: 4600 yards
Bike: 83.0 miles
Run: 12.0 miles
Total time: 10.5 hours

Another big training week looms ahead but this one will be a little different.  After I get through most of the workweek, I’m off to training camp for the holiday weekend!


jennabul said...

I thought that looked like the Woodside Hill =). Ditto on the weather feelings my friend. The crappy weather this week *almost* made me okay with having my surgery. Yay to clean dogs and outside rides!

Maggs said...

Looks like a great ride. A bit chilly, but a great ride.

heather said...

Wow! I'm impressed by your ability to take a picture while looking backwards while riding uphill. I would have fallen over for sure! LOL

Molly said...

I don't look backwards, I just aim the camera behind me and hope! There are a lot of outtakes LOL

Kathleen said...

I think much of the country has been experiencing the same May conditions as you have. This weekend is really the first one that we had two sunny days. However, 30-50 an hour winds really put a stop to most people's outdoor activities.
Glad you were able to get a ride in.

San said...

Your dogs look fantastic and the ride even better.

On the weather issue, May isn't at it's best behaviour here either, but the last 2 days were fantastic.

Have a great training week.

Wes said...

How do you get them to stay in one place long enough to take their picture? LOL... They're such good boyz (when they wanna be ;-)

Kim said...

12 outdoor rides? um i have been twice. i think :) you are a rockstar for being a photographer while riding uphill.

your pups are sooooo friggin cute.

Maria said...

If I may, I'd like to suggest a future post: step by step process of dog bathing with your three seems like it would be QUITE the process!