Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Miscellany

I just got video of Stanley’s Open Standard run at the NCBCF Regional a couple weeks ago.  It was nice to have confirmation that other than totally forgetting how to do the tire jump, he ran really nicely for me!  I hope things will continue to improve with age and we can harness the drive he clearly has.

I took the wild bunch to my parents’ house yesterday for Fathers Day dinner.  Stan enjoyed doing tricks for food for my 10-year-old brothers.  Cujo may be losing his hearing but he was smart enough to figure out who to stare down for snackies.


With six of nine of his children


I’ve managed to do absolutely no training since SVIT and it’s been lovely.  But today was back to training and, based on the way my thighs rubbed, back to cleaner eating.  Run drills at the track were a great way to ease back into things but the 200 lunges that went with them may hurt a bit later in the week.  There are some smaller events along the way but the big goal at this point is my A-race 1/2 IM in 4 months.  I suspect it won’t be too long until the volume picks up!

I hope everyone has a wonderful first week of summer!


San said...

Haha, love this Cujo pic. He's my favourite, sorry.

Stanley did great and I'm glad you had such a nice week off and a fantastic fathers day.

Ah, cleaner eating I'm down for that now too, after stepping on the scale this morning.

Thanks for your comment and have a lovely week.

Wes said...

Oh ME ME! Next time take me! I'll shot that Stanley how to do the tire jump!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Have fun getting back ino your training!

Erin said...

aww I love the video. You sure get a workout running around with him!

ADC said...

Cujo is sooo cute. Lovely photo of your dad and the kids (I am also calling you a kid here ;)))

heather said...

I had a horse who liked to walk around jumps because it was a lot less work than jumping over them. Hard to fault that logic! Great video.