Saturday, November 6, 2010

On The Road Again

I haven’t exactly been ignoring the blog, I’ve just been traveling!  It all started earlier this week, when my dogs began their vacation at Camp Highlander (the house of Stan’s breeder/Max’s co-owner).  It was a 4.5 hour roundtrip to take them up there, drop them off, and come home to get ready to leave myself!

The boys were already settled in with their sisters before I’d even left!


And then it was time for Jeff and I to head to SFO.  At our first stop, we got out of the airport for a bit to do something with our very long layover.  This is what it looks like to eat breakfast in Miami Beach at 5:30am.


Roughly 8 hours later, we reached the next stop – Montego Bay, Jamaica! I was relieved to be done with airplanes!


2 hours of travel after THAT, we had arrived at our final destination for the week, Couples Tower Isle.

The island part of the resort


Our balcony put us right into the middle of the tropical jungle


The hotel looks lovely when viewed from the boat dock


We were done with dinner and ready to crash by 8pm – we’d traveled for over 22 hours to arrive here!


Next up: how to party like there’s no hurricane bearing down on us!


GoBigGreen said...

I remember being in Bermuda and we had to leave early before the hurricane came. They closed the airport...people were boarding up their stores, was sorta exciting to be honest:) Hope you dont have that extreme to get to, and "sizzle" on your dress Molly. LOVE IT!

Kathleen said...

I hope the weather holds and you have a wonderful time.
It would be great to meet you when we are in Arizona. I will look for you at the wet suit stripper station.