Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Day, Another Ride

Yesterday I got out for a nice little spin of the legs after work.  It was a bit hazy but it was warm enough to ride without arm warmers even with the wind really blowing, so that works for me!


Today we were gifted with a sunny beautiful morning for a run/ride.  Don’t be too jealous – it’s now cloudy and the next rainstorm is rolling into the Bay Area.


I was pleased that my legs, and my favorite riding partner, were up for some high mileage fun.


As long as the rains keep coming periodically, this will all stay green.  As soon as it stops, the summer brown creeps in!


I’ve been trying to vary our routes slightly as we go – we’ve been riding a lot in Morgan Hill and Gilroy because the roads best suit my workouts/intervals and there are virtually no lights and stop signs.  Today I added Llagas Rd at the end of the ride just for fun – it’s a steady climb over from Chesbro reservoir and then a bombing descent back into the valley.  The scenery isn’t bad either.


After the smashfest of the day, I headed over to my old high school to see my sisters crush the competition in their first high school swim meet!  One more day, 2 more workouts, to go until another week is in the books!


Running and living said...

This biking bonanza sounds great. After my half in 2 weeks, I will have a few bike building weeks...looking forward to them! Jealous of your weather:)

Anonymous said...

nice! Jealous of your open space to ride in... it's hard for me to get out of the city to open road with minimal lights & tourists. It was a great day to ride!