Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Max

Today Max is 9 years old. If I thought Stanley’s birthday was bad, hoooo-boy Max’s is even worse in terms of leaving me wondering how time has flown!

Some dogs, you love with all your heart, and some dogs…are your soulmate. There’s no doubt for me – that’s Max. It’s impossible to accurately quantify our connection, but we read each other without a need for language. Maybe it comes from having both been underdogs when we started out together and having to fight to succeed in everything we did, but I’m forever proud of the relationship and teamwork we built.


2005_July11 073

MaxPortrait 002 (2)

Max is very picky about what he likes and does. He will only come up on the bed at night and only snuggles at our feet. He’s got the gentlest mouth and is careful to never touch your hand with his teeth when he takes a treat. He’s got a monster deep bark that he comes by honestly from his sire, and he’s not afraid to use it, perhaps more so as he ages. He does not like us watching hockey and gives us a disgusted look before stomping out the door to sleep outside for the duration of the game.

He likes his crate, if you leave the door open. (“I’m an adult and should be trusted like one.")

2005_Oct08 035

He LOVES agility, especially at trials where he really gets amped up to run.


At the age of four, he suddenly decided he liked dog beds so I bought one for every corner of the house.


He can be found in them at any given point during the day.


Max likes to find a well-loved toy every few months and free it of its stuffing. Who, me? What do you mean, there’s something on my chin?


Max loves to just go out and be with us everywhere!


I am humbled and forever thankful that Max’s breeder Jane took a chance on me and allowed me to share a lifetime with Max.

I love this dog!



ADC said...

Happy birthday Max!!!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs sound awesome! I never knew about this breed before reading your blog, but they seem like the perfect blend of smarts, looks, fun and talent :-) Happy birthday to the boys!

Meera said...

Happy Birthday sweet Max! I remember when Max and Kuttu were both insane puppies!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Max! And a very sweet post from momma <3

Elayne said...

Give Max some birthday skritches from me. Such a sweet boy.

melissa said...

How sweet, what a great relationship you two have. ..sniff.. Happy Birthday Max!

Alili said...

Love!!! Happy Birthday Max. :)

Stef0115 said...

Happy Happy Birthday MAX!!

My Life said...

He has the sweetest face! And love that pic of you two!

D said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Again! Whew... March is busy in your house :)

Aimee said...

Aww...he is sooo cute! Happy Birthday to Max!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

AWWWEEE. Gave me goosebumps - your Max is the equivalent of my Baxter to me :-) LOVE it!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HAPPY Birthday MAX!! SO SO cute!!

Meredith said...

sniff indeed, your post made me tear up a little. Happy Birthday Max!

heather said...

Happy Birthday Max! I love the picture with him using a toy for a pillow. Very smart!

Marci said...

That last picture with you and Max is beautiful, you can see the joy in both of your faces!

Bobbie said...

Molly you MUST stop posting these tributes to your absoultey adorable pups! Ray and I said we didn't want a dog... and yours are so convincing! Maybe it's because they have a good mom?? :)

...annnd I might be stealing your ABC's post idea! But I promise to link to you!!

Andy said...

Happy Birthday Max!!!