Friday, March 25, 2011

I need to win the lottery

so I can just have fun all day like the people of Scottsdale seem to.  Or I need a sugar daddy.  (*cough*cough* Hey Jeff? *cough*cough*)

The day started out with a chiropractic adjustment to the dog (well, before that it started out with dogs staring and whining at 6am, and then a walk, and then 2.5 hours of work…).  I can’t help but preen at hearing the words “this is the best behaved dog I have ever adjusted.”  Due to the amount of coat care they require, beardies learn early on to just zone out while they are being poked and prodded, brushed, or examined.

The end result: a happy dog, loudly declaring it to the world.


Yo, lady? *I* am ALWAYS happy, why didn’t I get to go too?


Sorry, Stanley, them’s the breaks.

Anyway, from there, after a little more work, it was off to the pool to meet Krista for my long swim of the week.  Lots of band work (where ankles are tied together) - at least it was warm and sunny out!


We were clearly the best dressed swimmers at the pool.


Once we’d worked up an appetite, it was time for lunch and what better spot than Pita Jungle.  Our waiter must have pegged us as starving athletes right away because our food came fast and vanished just as quickly. 

I hit up the gym on the way home to get my strength training done and then it was back to work – see how work always interferes with the fun?  Gotta do something about that…


Michelle Simmons said...

I want to win the lottery too! Oh, and Moana just saw that picture of you and Krista in the pool and said, "Oh look who's swimming with mama!?!" Ha! Because clearly if someone is swimming in a picture it MUST be me. ;)

Elayne said...

Yeah, nobody in Boulder works either though I suppose the Scottsdale crowd probably worked at some point in their lives. We have all the 20-30 something 'retirees'.

TriGirl Kate O said...

So glad Max is back to his bouncy self! Oh how I wish we could meet up in AZ...

Wes said...

I think I need to order me a e21 speedo :-D

Meera said...

I just finished reading this post and almost had a panic attack reading that your feet were tied. I would drown in 5 seconds :)