Saturday, March 12, 2011

Road Trip

Totally completely exhausted but trying not to far too behind.  We left on a big road trip Friday and while we’re still in California (for the moment) there was some lovely scenery along the way.





So far we have braved the path through Los Angeles in Friday night rush hour, done 1 day of an agility trial, and visited with the dogs’ relatives.

Stan and his baby sister Aggie


Max was so tired he fell asleep in the water bowl


He re-energized to spend the evening flirting with a new friend


It’s always best to end your day slobbery on someone else’s couch


Tomorrow the sun rises 1 hour later but the agility trial starts at the same time.  And I have a long ride to fit in before we go.  I thought I’d go ride around Fiesta Island so I didn’t have to worry about traffic, but it appears there is a TT taking over the island in the morning (plus it’d be a 45 minute trip each way).  So given my current weariness, I’ll take the extra sleep and ride the trainer in my hotel room before we head out.  And after the trial we are on the road again!


Andy said...

Thanks for the pictures, loved the scenery!

Wes said...

busy weekend! looking forward to more info :-)

The Original MAJ said...

Also love the pix and love the beardies :) Max is such a cutie.

Running and living said...

Those pictures make me want to run, bike and swim!