Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenes from the Sunshine

Still here, still enjoying some sun (well it did blow crazy winds and rain and freeze on Monday), still training my butt off! I only have a couple days left to appreciate the warmth before I return to waterlogged California so I’m doing my best to soak it all up.

Tuesday’s windy adventure on the Beeline (IM AZ course)



Wednesday’s Angels-Giants game with the Lynn family



Thursday’s even windier ride on a new route




When faced with scary riding (fast traffic, no shoulder, stiff headwind), best to put a happy face on and tough it out!


In some ways it was kind of nice to not know what to expect on today’s ride – there was lots of gradual climbing that felt great (little did I know the tailwind I had, hahaha). There were also virtually no traffic lights which meant plenty of steady pedaling! It’s too bad that I found out later we missed the good part of the long road we were on – the part with a big real gorgeous (safe) shoulder! Oh well, next time!

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments about Max. He's feeling much better and not showing much trouble at all with moving around (though I am still limiting his activity to let him heal). I'll keep you posted!


Kim said...

what i wouldnt give to bike outside in shorts and short sleeve right now. soak up all that sun for me molly!

Teresa said...

Biking is always an adventure. Singing a happy song when things get "ruff" can be calming too. Glad you put your happy face on and enjoyed the sun shining down!

Wes said...

Kimmie just got back from Aruba. Don't feel sorry for her. et alles! Safe travels back to water loggged Cali... :-)