Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 3 - Please Don't Let The Boat Sink

After a quick breakfast, we drove up to an overlook of the Laguna Apoyo to start our second day of riding in Nicaragua.

From there, we headed downhill and out to ride along the White Towns, known for their painted buildings and crafts.  Along the way we went through the hometown of General Sandino.

Busy towns

There were dogs (and cows and horses and chickens) running around EVERYWHERE.

We stopped to check out a coffee plantation (those are coffee beans in the wild) and out to the Pan American Highway before turning back to San Marcos for lunch.

After lunch, we drove down to San Jorge to catch a ferry to Ometepe Island, which consists of two active volcanos sitting in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

Watching the vehicles load up on the tiny ferry was...interesting.

Once this truck pulled on, the boat leaned to the left for the entire journey.

Steaming towards the volcano

From the port town of Moyogalpa, we rode to our hotel on the Charco Verde (Green Lagoon) and the beach of Lake Nicaragua.

Down the dirt driveway to the hotel...

We were in that lake to cool off and rinse the dirt and grime off ourselves about 5 minutes after arriving!

Maps and graphs of the day's 2 rides:

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Meredith said...

Bastards made you ride your bike to the hotel too? Just kidding, love the photos!