Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 4 - East to West

We had a little time in the morning so we hiked over to check out the Charco Verde.  I was delighted to find a herd of cows at the start of the trail!  (You will notice lots of cow photos during this trip...yes, I AM obsessed)

This cow tried to lean over the fence and lick Jeff!

Trail to the lagoon

Busy ants!

Howler monkeys!

After all that I'd worked up an appetite! With another day of riding ahead, I was all about the pancakes.

Especially with this view

Wireless is hard to come by - must take advantage where you can find it!

A few more shots around the hotel

Heading back to Moyogalpa

What's that up ahead?

Why yes, it IS a herd of cows...

We had time for lunch in the port town and then got bumped to a later ferry time so there was even time for dessert!

Loading up our ferry for the return trip, we were amazed to see them fit 2 truckloads of plantains on least the boat was balanced this time?

Our afternoon ride back on the mainland was on La Chocolata, a lovely dirt road through small villages out to the Pacific Ocean

The reward at the end of the ride!

Since I LIVE within 30 miles of the Pacific, I enjoyed more of Nicaragua's delights while the rest of the crew watched the sunset and frolicked in the waves

Our digs for the night were just up the hill from there.

Great pool for recovering from the day's work

This was definitely a first for us...

Ride maps/profiles from the day:

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