Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 8 - La Fortuna Loop

On Saturday we were able to stay in the same hotel for a 2nd night, a rare luxury after moving hotels nearly every day.  We rode a loop around the La Fortuna area before ending back in the same town again.  The ride starts out as a descent from La Fortuna and then we turned into the hills for our return trip.

It's hard to tell but this was a several-mile-long climb and it was super hot out!

And then came...this bridge.  It's probably better I didn't know I was riding across it until it arrived.

Because it was completely see-through.

The pretty river the bridge went over.

"Fuck that shit, I'm not standing on this thing any more."

Yet another iguana

When we finally returned to the hotel, this seemed like the best response to the 90 degree heat.

For a space of about 90 seconds, the Arenal volcano peeped out of the clouds.

We got a special treat that evening - a trip to the Eco Termales hot springs!  Hot hot water - and a cold plunge pool - and the best pina coladas in Costa Rica!

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