Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 9 - Off to the Carribean

As we left Fortuna on Sunday morning, the volcano finally peeped out from the clouds for a longer period of time!

We rode out from town, first downhill and then on rolling terrain, and even with an early start it was already quite hot!

When we reached the point where traffic and road conditions would become an issue, we loaded up the vehicle and headed off for a long drive across eastern Costa Rica.  We stopped just outside the Caribbean port town of Limon and hit the road on two wheels again for the ride along the coast into Cahuita, our stop for the night.  The east coast of Costa Rica was like being in Jamaica, right down to the reggae music!

Jeff and I got the group pace-lining it together for a long stretch of miles

Sloth in a tree

Relaxing post-ride

The ocean from our hotel driveway

Enjoying Costa Rican beer in a reggae bar on the beach

The gaudy-eyed tree frog!

 Maps and elevation for the day's rides:


Meredith said...

The photo of the volcano is beautiful.

I have to remember to show Sydney the photo of the tree frog, she loves tree frogs!

Maggie said...

WOW! Looks like an amazing trip - absolutely blown away by the photos. Sounds like quite the experience!