Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Strike a Pose

Jeff's Christmas present from me this year was a portrait of our dogs that I had taken 2 months ago.  I can't believe I kept the secret that long!  The photoshoot was a riot...Max turned into a complete ham and had to be dragged away from the camera to give anyone else a chance!  Puck was a handful to manage, especially without Jeff.  And Stanley was pretty good but annoyed with my constant rebrushing of his hair!  Thank goodness I had my mom along to help!

This is the one I had blown up onto a large canvas for our house.

And these are the ones I couldn't resist buying as well.  We may have to frame some of them for the walls!


Melissa said...

Very cool! These are great, such handsome guys.

2halves said...

The little foo man choo thing Stanley has going on in the couch pic is hysterical!

heather said...

Love the second picture. Very handsome.

Katie said...

oh my god, they are super models!!