Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While I was out of town, Stanley did his usual “make the bed” the way he likes it routine.


We have fairly flimsy T-shirt sheets and they’re starting to get old.  Apparently they just could not hold up to the vigorous digging action of a bored 2-year-old.


I guess that means I get new sheets! :)


tribeaner said...

YAY to new sheets! LOVE new sheets. Check out www.overstock.com, if you haven't already. They have awesome deals...

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

I used to have a beagle. Cutest little thing. One day, when I was a classes, she decided she wanted to bury her bone. In my mattress.

Not *under* my mattess. IN my mattress.

Enough said.

Wes said...

yes it does :-)

Larissa said...

costco has some lovely sateen sheets...they are soooo soft, wash up nicely and stand up to athena :)

beardies3 said...

His digging bedding is genetic. His mother and at least two litter sisters do it also.
Harmony and Nan do it with their paws as Stan does. Kendra does it by rolling around on her back...no paw touches the bedding but it gets scrunched up anyway.