Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Moments from ART

Only my 3rd session with Dr B and he already gives me a hard time for not telling him when what he is doing hurts (I think he’s muttered something about “you triathletes and your pain thresholds…” a few times).

Which brings us today, as I lie facedown on the table gripping my little pillow and he pokes and prods at my ankle and calf.

DB: “Does that hurt too much?”

Me: “Mmmrrrppphhh-rrrphhhh. It’s fine.”

DB: “WHAT are you doing?”

Me: “Biting my hand to deal with the pain.”

DB: *shakes head*

The good news, this is definitely working. My leg is substantially less tight than it was a week ago and even the treatment itself is less painful. With a rest week this week, it gives my body even more chance to recover and will put me in great shape for starting my IM build.


TriGirl Kate O said...

Turns out I have a hottie pool boy--who knew!!! I think I'm going to have the kids roll in the sand at the beach and promptly jump in the pool just to get him back here to suction it all out.

Missy said...

At least he's hot, my PT guy is hot too. I'm sure the faces I make and the names I call him make me look real hot too.

Andrea said...

My doc does that too. He's all Like, "is that too much?" and I always say no. I mean, come on! It's supposed to hurt right? That's how you know it's working. ;)

melissa said...

I bow down to your pain tolerance. When I had ART it was more like, "Ow! Jesus Christ, that really hurts!"

Maggs said...

Hmmm...I need some hotties around here. My PT is hot, but she's a she. Glad you're feeling better.

ADC said...

Dr Hottie???? Nice.

SWTrigal said...

I have a Dr. Hottie for ART too. Must be a requirement for ART school! And does hurt..but helps..