Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 weeks to go!

Nothing especially exciting to report after yesterday’s activities except that we are 10 weeks out from Ironman Arizona!

Between the lovely work my ART doc has done and the Rocktape holding me together while it all healed, my leg is finally in good shape.  I ran the Los Gatos Creek Trail this morning for an hour and felt like I had my real running legs back again.  Even though it was an easy Z1-2 run I felt zippy!

After that, I met up with Jenn for an easy ride.  With all the strange shifting weather here, our usual North wind is a South wind, which meant Jenn and I were riding straight into a headwind for our outbound leg to Calero Reservoir.

Jenn suggested I take a picture of the flags – evidence of the direct wind we were riding into

2009_September13 002

Once at the top of Calero, we got to cruise back down with a tailwind!

2009_September13 003

And so, another week is done.  Not as many training hours or as much swim time as I would have liked but I’ll get over it.  I need to turn my focus to the BIG training week ahead!

Training totals for week 38 (September 7-13):
Swim: 4350 yards (*pout* should have been 2.4 miles longer)
Bike: 104.9 miles
Run: 17.5 miles
Total time: 11.5 hours (*pout* again – also should have been more)


beardies3 said...

Molly, it is good you are moving on. You are superwoman but even you are no match for the weather. ;-) Lightening is serious business for those in the water. The new week will bring you new challenges and you will love those too. Onward and upward!

jennabul said...

That tailwind was sweet. Pedaling optional =)

ADC said...

10 weeks! Yay! Don't worry about the missed training - concentrate on what's ahead.

Sherry said...

10 weeks... is that all? OMG... *my stomach just fluttered for you* So close, yet so far. Lots of good trainng to take place in the meantime.

It is just TOO PRETTY where you live! Can I come visit? I just want to pitch a tent and camp! :o)

Wes said...

What? You mean the wind didn't shift around on your way home? What kind of crazy weather is that? Hmmmph....

SWTrigal said...

Great mileage! We never feel like we are doing enough, huh? 10 weeks will fly by..