Sunday, September 20, 2009

And then there were 9

Weeks left till race day, that is.

Another big training weekend in the bag and I’m pleased but slightly fried while writing this (so excuse me and the 2 margaritas I may or may not have had before blogging for the week).

My longest training week ever was…totally awesome!  While I am looking forward to a little rest coming up, I’ve been feeling great all week and loving the big workout days.

Today was no exception.  I was up at 4:45 am to eat my “pre-race" breakfast (english muffin with egg) and get ready for a long day.  After walking and feeding the dogs, I headed out with the Best Husband Ever (what else can you call someone who gives up Football Sunday to chase you around on a bike for 6 hours?) by 5:45am for a little ride around town.  Or multiple counties.

When we arrived in Hollister, it was 54 degrees, foggy and misting heavily.  Fiona was fully loaded with liquids but it seemed the sky was giving us plenty of them already!


After waiting for it to get light enough for cars to see us in the thick fog, we were off.  The first 90 minutes looked something like this.


So what if there was water dripping off my helmet and nose and hands.  At least we were having fun.  Right, honey?


At the turnaround point in San Jose where I’d parked my car (we drove Jeff’s car to the start) with a cooler full of water, Gatorade, etc to refill our bottles.  It was finally sunny!


Jeff: “My view for the whole ride”


Highlights from the day:

* Fixing my flat tire.  It was kind of fun now that I’ve practiced!


* Peeing on the side of the road in 4 cities and 2 counties.  I guess I was well-hydrated?

* Jeff’s comment as he pulled alongside me at the 82-mile mark: “My ass is killing me.  My balls are killing me.  I have to pee.  And I think I have a rash.”  This is why we really stopped for that McDonalds potty break at 84 miles.

* Riding 97.3 miles and still feeling pretty good at the end!

* Running 3.55 miles off the bike in 90-degree heat to finish off the workout.  Not pretty, not fun, but Ironman training can’t always be either.

Training totals for week 39 (September 14-20):
Swim: 6050 yards
Bike: 157.1 miles
Run: 25.0 miles
Total time: 16.25 hours

I’m very excited for the coming week.  I have a REST WEEK – WOOHOOOOOOAND I will be making my 1st-ever trip to Georgia to root on some awesome friends at the inaugural Augusta 70.3!


Maggs said...

Yeah for 9 weeks. And a rest week!!!

Stef0115 said...

Wow great work!

Have fun in Augusta! I'm sure you'll have your own workout(s) to do while there! :-)

jennabul said...

HA HA HA HA at Jeff's comment. Poor guy. I bet he's happy you have a rest week too=). Great job today. I got a kick out of your blog. See you in the morning!

Duane said...

funny! See you in two months!

ADC said...

That is some amazing training done last week. Yay!!!

Wes said...

Ahhhh, I remember on of my little three mile runs after a 96 mile bike ride. It must been high nineties. I thought for sure I was gonna die.

You just keep sending Jeff off on those beer breaks, as needed. He'll get along just fine :-)

Yay for Augusta!! See ya soon...

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great week, LMM! You are doing great! I have to laugh about Jeff- no matter how great he is - when he says, "My balls are killing me." CLASSIC. hahaha.
Have fun in Augusta! :) AND enjoy your rest!

Trishie said...

so awesome that you guys ride together :) great training, as usual !

Sherry said...

Wa-hoooo! What a week! Good stuff, Molly!!!

See you soon!!!

PS- I see that Fiona has lost some of her spacers! I think she mailed them to my Pixie! ;p

Jen said...

Great job Molly (and Jeff too!)

SWTrigal said...

Wow! great job..only 9 weeks already? How time flies!

Beth said...

Jeff's comment at 82 miles had me laughing out loud! Oh dear. What a great husband. :) GREAT job on all your training! I've really enjoyed following along on your journey thus far!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well done on your training this week! I soooo wish my husband could ride long with me in the heat. He did it once but that seems to have been the exception.

And why is it I nearly always get flats on my rear tire??? Such a pain to have to take off my aero bottle to lay my bike down ...

Larissa said...

I know i've said this before, but you have one trooper of a hubby :)

Rainmaker said...

Pretty funny comments in both you report, and the comments section.

Enjoy your rest week!

Runner Leana said...

Yay for Jeff keeping you company on that ride! Congratulations on a big week of training, and enjoy your rest week!!