Friday, September 11, 2009


It’s not as much fun as dirty but it’s a whole lot nicer to look at (and smell)!

2009_September11 006

Psst! Do you think she’ll take us somewhere fun now that we’re all clean?

2009_September11 004

Sure, boys, want to go to packet pickup for tomorrow’s swim race?

Sorry, I have a headache.

2009_September11 009

By the way, I totally nailed my targets for the bike trainer workout yesterday.  I’m not admitting anything but someone might have come close to weeping tears of joy when the last power interval was done.

My Activities 9-10-2009, Power - Time

Rest day today went swimmingly.  I can’t think of what I did beyond ferry the dogs to and from their spa day and grocery shop (and work of course).  It pays to enjoy the quiet while you can!


beardies3 said...

You and your charts make me smile. Congrats on nailing the bike test and on the gorgeous clean dogs. Love them both! I see Stan sniffing Max's ear...hope Maxie's ears are feeling better!!

Wes said...

Who ARE you Pippi? :-) Nice graph!!

jennabul said...

Wow Stanley is getting really dark. Great job on the trainer. If no one sees you cry, did it really happen? Much like a tree falling the forest..

D said...

Reading about your training makes me miss it. Only the hard trainer rides though... everything else can go to hell. That's right long rides: I HATE YOU!

Dances with Corgis said...

The kisses photo is so cute!

And you know, it is *pretty* windy on Great Highway, but not prohibitively so... if that makes sense? I would try it. Some days it isn't even noticeable... then others, you are like "why am i going 13mph again?!"

Erin said...

wow what cute dogs!