Sunday, September 6, 2009

I survived Week 1 of Ironman training

That’s what I told Jeff when I rolled in from the last workout of the day.  Everything else this week was just buttering me up for the big key Sunday brick, the first of many long days of work ahead.

Today we tacked distance on to a ride we’d done before and went further south in the valley than we’ve ever done – all the way to lovely (hahahahaha) Hollister.  Hey, it’s flat and agricultural and quiet riding.

Before dawn, Jeff and I were in a Jack in the Box parking lot, getting our bike gear ready.  I’ve never carried so many bottles on a ride, but I had 2.5 bottles of water, 2 concentrated bottles of Infinit (nutrition), and 1 bottle of sports drink (to even out my rear-bottle carrier). 

You know you are riding long when the first HOUR is warmup.  The sun was starting to peep out!

2009_September6 003

At the 5-mile mark, where George was to join us.  He was running late so we went on to downtown Morgan Hill to wait for him.  “George loves sprinting.  He can catch up.”

2009_September6 005

Jeff said he was letting me set the pace but I think he just liked to stare at the “Hot” emblazoned on the back of my bike shorts.

2009_September6 007

On a random farm road in Morgan Hill and George is finally cooling down from his sweaty 6-mile sprint to catch us.  Sorry, George!

2009_September6 008

Nothing out here but cows

2009_September6 011

Really? There’s a good-sized town up there somewhere?

2009_September6 012

Finally we did in fact roll into cute little downtown Hollister (full of empty storefronts!) and find ourselves a 7-11 for refueling.  They weren’t letting us use the restroom though so we had to stop again on the way out of town for that.

2009_September6 013

2009_September6 014

We had made the ~43 miles south in excellent time and were feeling good about the ride thus far.  5 miles to the north, our fortunes changed as the valley’s mid-day headwinds started up right on schedule.  Our pace went from an average of 18mph to something more like 11mph.  Ouch.  I wanted to pull to the side of the road and just cry, but I had 40 more miles to ride into that wind – time to just get it done.  We crawled our way back north, trying to use routes with more trees or cover but it didn’t always help much.  We weren’t so chatty after that, instead all fighting our own little battles with the wind.

Don’t talk to me, I’m in headwind hell.  And. It. Sucks.

2009_September6 017

The last 6 miles from downtown Morgan Hill to George’s car, we formed a rotating paceline and took 1-minute turns pulling.  We were just desperate to get out of the wind!  My eyes were burning from salt and sunblock sweating into them, plus probably whatever the wind was blowing in there.

A snapshot of all of us at the 81-mile mark:

George is happy because he doesn’t have to ride anymore today!

2009_September6 018

I am relieved that we only have 5 more miles to our car.

2009_September6 019

Jeff throttles his wife because his longest ride since Shasta Summit Century LAST AUGUST (2008!) turned out to be such a suckfest in the wind.

2009_September6 021

Jeff and I pedaled on north to our car, finally on cool-down mode and spinning our legs out, though still facing the wind.  And then finally, the Jack in the Box! The car! The end!

86.2 miles – done.  I love when you went so far, the ocean shows up in the map.

Cycling 9-6-2009 4

From there, we loaded up our gear and I sent Jeff off to a local BBQ restaurant for a beer – for me it was time for a run off the bike.  Despite all the pain the last few hours on the bike, I felt really good on the run!  My leg (still taped) behaved beautifully and even though it was hot I did not feel underfueled or bonky.  30 minutes later, I jogged up to where Jeff was waiting, devoured a cornbread muffin and chugged 4 glasses of lemonade and soda.  Phew!  The first big week is done!

Training totals for week 37 (August 31-September 6):
Swim: 8550 yards (New highest yardage for 1 week!)
Bike: 114.3 miles
Run: 16.6 miles
Total time: 14 hours (New highest hours for 1 week!)
Plus 1 hour of yoga


Rainmaker said...

Awesome! You got the same cycling shorts too! Woohoo!

Meredith said...

You rock! And what's up with the 7-11 not letting you use their restroom??? Don't they know that everone who reads your blog is now going to boycott the 7-11 in Hollister???? Not cool, not cool.

ADC said...

Excellent week Molly, you ROCK!!!

Sherry said...

Molly, I am so proud of you and just in awe of your terrific week! WAY TO GO! I hope this coming week is JUST as amazing (and challenging, it'll be worth it in the end) as last week! Go get 'em!

Marit C-L said...

Congrats Molly - what a SOLID week and awesome ride! Keep it up - just repeat after me, "I love the headwind! I love the headwind! And I can ride STRONG in the headwind!! I love the headwind!"

You did marvelous! :)

jennabul said...

Sorry about that headwind, I think anyone who rides to the south can relate to your hell. You had a great week though, congrats!!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

YAY Molly! Great work, keep it up! :)))

Missy said...

Yay, we have the same bike...just mine is black and white. Love that Orbea. Sounds like a killer training week in the books.

tribeaner said...

I think it is awesome Jeff rides with you. You are really lucky to have such an involved significant other!!!!

Lisa T said...

YAY! Great job getting in it done!

Charisa said...

Nice work!!! Love the photos!

Wes said...

From there, we loaded up our gear and I sent Jeff off to a local BBQ restaurant for a beer

My GAWD woman, you are amazing :-)

and not a shabby ride either! Well done!! Work hard now. Play hard later :-)

Runner Leana said...

The wind can make rides such a suckfest. Good job on yours! So are you off the beer now that Ironman training is on?

Trishie said...

awesome ride !! Headwinds are rough... if I am riding up a hill, I can SEE the hill and SEE where it ends.. but headwinds just keep pushing you back. BUT! it makes you a stronger rider! T minus 74... (I'm at T minus 80, I think!)

Anonymous said...

Way to GO! At this rate, they're going to have to rename it the 'Iron Woman'.

GoBigGreen said...

YEA! I am catching up, sorry. But dont you just love the infinit! IT works great for me. rich even uses it!