Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recovery Week Randomness

* Workouts have been light and fun so far.  Sweet short little bike rides with friends, one day at masters swim, one transition run.  Does it even count as a workout these days if it’s under an hour? :)

* If I don’t have to, I’m not getting up early.  I made a note of that one on Missy’s blog last week.  Getting up for masters yesterday was hard enough, today I slept in till 7.

* I’ve felt shockingly energetic and good all week.  Um, where’s my standard rest week craptastic feeling?

* I’ve started browsing agility trial and dog shows schedules to see what I can enter the boys in after I’m done with my Ironman!  I also looked at what might be available in Arizona during my taper… Hmmm, 4 day conformation show in Tucson?  I could pop down for a day or two to show Stanley in Best of Breed.

* I had a 90-minute deep tissue massage scheduled for today.  I knew I would be paying the price for not rolling out my legs as often as I should have last week (I DID after the 15-mi run, just not after the long ride).  As usual, it was not the most…joyful experience ever, but it’s good for me and these days that has to be good enough.  At least SOME body parts were better than last time.  I think.

* I get to do a swim/bike/run brick tomorrow.  It’ll be like my own personal triathlon.  Then I get to rest and go to Augusta.  Perhaps I should consider packing one of these days?

* I am SO glad I am not racing this weekend.  No stress of flying my bike, no worry of racing in rain/heat/humidity/flooding/sewage, and the knowledge that I’ll be fresh to tackle a major build next week.

* Oh crap, next week’s schedule!  Another doozy!  Just take it one day at a time, Molly…

* Max is a very good dog, the only one of our three who will not make a PEEP until we get out of bed.  The other two…not so much.

* Stanley’s dam had puppies a few weeks back and they are SO CUTE!!!!  I can’t wait to go visit them next week.  No, I am NOT getting another puppy, though seeing cute little 5 week old puppies will be very tempting, I am sure.  I will have to take many photos.  Stanley will get a chance to play with his littermate while we visit and hopefully wear himself out!

* I scheduled a crew to do a deep cleaning on my house next week.  Jeff thinks we ought to be able to keep up on housecleaning ourselves as we both mostly work from home.  But between training and eating (and eating and eating) and dogs and work…I’m just not holding it all together.

* Speaking of eating, I sure seem to do it frequently.  Last week, I was hungry and had to stop for a snack on my way home.  On my way home from a lunch date.  Yeah, I couldn’t last 30 minutes without more food.

That’s all for now! Happy hump day!


Maria said...

I got two words for ya: puppy should post some!

beardies3 said...

I love how you hold it together through everything. Your attitude rocks! And so does your work ethic. As you know, I've had a crappy week. When I was about to dissolve, I thought, "What would Molly do?" She'd get back up on that bike and make another 20 miles, that's what! So I re-focused my MollyTude to be stronger and more positive. Thanks kiddo! I needed that!

Jen said...

Ooooh! Let us know if you do the show in Tucson. I'll bring the kids by and they can cheer for Stan the Man!

ADC said...

Muts tell me how did your little tri brick go. Oh, little puppies -they must be sooo cute :))

Wes said...

Good news is, there's no flooding or sewage in Augusta, thank God. That's a different river system that didn't get nearly as much rain as we did. Phew!!

I've submitted a special request to the water authority to increase the amount released from the dam Sunday morning. Sub-20 HIM swim anyone? :-D

Safe travels!!

Beth said...

Have a great time cheering in Georgia! And when you get back enjoy your next big week of training. Like you said - one day at a time. ;)