Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hockey. Really.

Tonight was the Teal & White Game – the annual kickoff of preseason where the team splits into 2 squads and plays each other.

2009_September16 003

Training camp continues until the real season starts and cuts will be made up to the last day.  The Teal & White Game is a fun way to see all the up-and-coming youngsters playing in the minor leagues.

Since we have seats close to the ice normally, we like to sit up top for this game to get a different view.

2009_September16 006

2 years running now, we’ve also selected the section just next to where the coaching staff sits to evaluate the players.  The man closest to us is Todd McClellan, the Sharks head coach.  He lives on the next block over from us.  Yesterday we saw him in his garage when we walked the dogs by.

2009_September16 005

Jeff and Jenn and I had a great time at the game!

2009_September16 007

One thing we noted due to multiple camera closeups was the interesting mask of goalie Tyson Sexsmith, who plays for the WHL Vancouver Giants.


Yes.  Those ARE nekked ladies airbrushed on his mask.  Too funny.

In training news, today was the best day ever: Long Run Wednesday!  I realized on Tuesday night that this would be the longest I had run since my last marathon in January 2008!  I churned out 15 miles on Coyote Creek Parkway feeling remarkably good!  Though nothing ever beats the post-run ice bath for me.

2009_September16 001

Coyote Creek is where I like to do all of my runs over 10-12 miles.  It’s longer and less busy than Los Gatos Creek, there are interesting things to look at (I once saw a bobcat here), and I like the change from my regular running haunts.  Since I’ve done all of my 15+ mile runs for 3 marathons here, I know this trail like the back of my hand – all the mile markers, all the quirks along the way, etc.  If you click the map below, I added a few notes from today’s run. (I hope it’s not too small to show)


Long run in the morning and hockey tonight – I’m beat! Time for bed.  Happy hump day!


Trishie said...

you look so cute in your ice bath picture :) nice long run ! (and a bobcat - yikes!)

ADC said...

That bath looks cold - but you look pretty relaxed :)

Beth said...

The Penguins played their first pre-season game the other night in Pittsburgh. I was downtown when I realized what was going on - like season AGAIN already??? :) I swear they were just playing last season!! :)

Anyway, great job on your long run! Keep up all your hard work!!

jennabul said...

I like that you found a great picture of that goalie helmet =). Thanks again for a fun time! I like stalking the coaches...

Erin said...

I wish I could afford any type of season or partial season tickets for the Canucks, but they are so expensive up here. Not sure the comparison to the Sharks, but I heard a lot of teams in the US are cheaper due to hockey not being your national sport.

ShirleyPerly said...

Great job on your 15-miler!

I agree that you do look surprisingly comfy in your ice bath. Maybe wearing clothes helps keep the ice cubes from freezing certain sensitive body parts?

Rainmaker said...

I'm not sure why everyone is saying you look relaxed in your bathtub. My first thought is you look like you're about to kill the photographer.


Melissa said...

Hockey!!!!!! I love that the hockey coaches and players wear suits, they are so sexy all dressed up but rough-n-tough underneath. WooHoo!

You don't look very happy in that ice bath ;-) Way to go, IM is coming up and I can't wait for you to race, you are working so hard!!

I think someone should get an aero helmet with a naked guy painted on it. Gross.

Runner Leana said...

Ha! Nothing says class like showing up to a job interview with bare ladies somewhere on your attire! Woo hoo, congrats on the long run!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Does sitting in a COLD hockey arena also count as an ICE bath for the legs?? :-) Good way to keep at it training for you IM!